Nothing tastes sweeter…

…than a strawberry from your own garden! I should know, I ate one the other day! Quite surprisingly, my little garden has been going gangbusters and we are starting to enjoy the fruits (pardon my pun) of my labor! We’ve already had a few cherry tomatoes, used the mint in a few dishes and I saw my first pepper today! I’m still waiting for what I hope will be sunflowers and there are a couple of things in the back garden which I’m not sure what they are– one is possibly a resurrected eggplant. It is starting to flower so we’ll know soon enough! In the meantime, here are more pictures of our little patch of earth!

I will say one thing, I admire people who grow their own food. Despite our progress, our garden would feed us for a day maximum at this stage. I can’t imagine having to rely on it for all of our meals. IMG_9150-0.JPG









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