Happy Almost 2015 from He Runs, I….

Well, normally it’s He Runs, I Cook but our stove and oven decided to take a holiday the day after Christmas so at the moment it’s He Runs, I warm up leftovers in the microwave.  I suppose things could be worse, our internet could be down.  Oh wait, it is.  At the moment, we’re full of First World Problems at our house.  In fact, I’m writing this from the gym right now, no seriously, I am.  It’s not a bad thing, it’s just quite a funny end to such a great year.

I can’t believe it’s actually the last day of the year, 2014 flew by.  There were so many highlights this year that it’s hard to pick out what the best thing was….hmmm, let me think.  Just kidding!  It’s not that hard actually.  Our wedding was obviously the highlight of Everything this year and ALWAYS!

I don’t think I can imagine anything that could top it- and not just the day but the months of lead up and the honeymoon after and just everything this year has been pretty good for us.  I know that not everyone has been so lucky and so fortunate, but I am truly thrilled to be able to give 2014 a gentle hug and thank you goodbye rather than a shove out the door.  2014 has been like a party that I never want to end, it’s like just when guests are getting their coats to go, I kind of want to bring out another batch of punch and a few more cakes to get people to stay for another hour or two.

And it hasn’t just been the wedding- The Runner qualified for the half Ironman World Championships and we both have new jobs that we absolutely love!  It’s been a great year for us.  Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing this year with us.  We wish you all the best for the last few hours of 2014 and an amazing year in 2015 to come!

Now, to figure out how to make canapés with no oven and no stove…. it’s harder than you might think!  Luckily we have an electric wok, a bbq, a sandwich press and a waffle iron…


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