Guten tag München!!!

Three thoughts immediately hit me as we start our descent into Munich.

1) Thank God! Well that’s the G rated version at least- after exactly 24 hours of flying I’m ready to get out of the air and onto the ground. I don’t mind flying but it’s been 24 hours since I took off from Sydney- not counting a 3 hour layover in Dubai I’ve been in the air the whole time! Granted the layover was pretty good. I had an actual real life first class lounge shower! (thanks to one of Gary’s triathlon club friends). I cannot stress what a difference it made/makes to my sanity. I actually feel relatively human and not like a stink bomb! I now have to figure out how to get lounge access every time I fly. Every. Time. 

Oh and I had a Shake Shack burger….not sure which was the bigger highlight!

2) It is beyond gorgeous- even from the air! From what I can decode we’re flying over Salzburg and possibly over Munich and looking out of the window, all I can see is green grass, blue water and mountains!!! Actual real life Alpine Alp-y mountains. And they’re amazing even from up here!  

 3) I should have spent only more time learning German- I have literally no idea of what the announcer is saying! Thankfully they’re in Arabic, German and English but I’m quickly realizing that google translate might be my best friend on this trip!

So if you’re reading this, then you know I’ve made it! Pass the bratwurst and get me a beer! I’m in Germany!


Let the adventure begin!

On my way to the airport and we’ve already passed the first hurdle…. The bike fits in the Uber car…. Just!!

Fingers crossed the luggage gods smile upon me and I’m under my 30kg allowance…otherwise it’s $100 per kg and I’ll have to wear layers onto the plane!   

Ireland– Princesses wanted!

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a week since we were in Sydney! It literally feels like it’s been a month or even longer that we’ve been away!

I leave Ireland in less than 36 hours and it’s been an amazing week! The Runner and I have been in Limerick, Cork, Dublin, Wicklow, and we’ve driven through Kildare and possibly Laois. We’ve met all of his aunts, been to his brother’s AMAZING wedding, gone to the Guinness factory, rode the DART, and slept in a Castle.

Yes, you read that right– A CASTLE! A real live, possibly haunted castle. It was built by a family from the North (of Ireland) in the 1800s, fell into ruin in the 1990s and has been lovingly restored by a lovely gentleman, Pat, to its nearly original condition– well better really. In short, it’s awesome! It has stained glass windows, a snooker table, a knight in shining armour, four poster beds, gargoyles, a wine cellar, and basically anything else you might want in a Castle. Seriously, look it up, castle Oliver

The best part is- it is supposedly up for sale! Here’s the listing click! , if anyone has a lazy 3 million euros, please let me know! It’s a great party house, the wedding was by far the best I’ve ever been to, and I’m sure the house would be equally fun for birthdays, christenings, and retirement parties. Yes, it is a bit eerie to think it might be haunted, especially if you’re there on your own but….it’s so cool and it has an amazing story .

Anyway, I digress, my week has been awesome so far, loving every second of Ireland with our engagement drinks still to come tomorrow night! It’s strange thinking of this not as a vacation but as a trip to visit my soon to be in laws, who are lovely and everything you could ask for in a new family.

Anyway, back to enjoying my trip– if you do want to be a princess for a night- or longer, let me know…. I just might have the castle for you!

Is there anything else we can cram in???

Ok, so if I’m honest this past week has been a blur of whirl of excitement about a million questions, wedding research and if that wasn’t enough, oh yeah, we’ve decided to move house as well.

First of all, yes The Runner and I got engaged.  It was absolutely the most perfect proposal and a beautiful day and experience—it really was like something out of a movie.  I think I touched on the story before, but it really was amazing.  I had to get the obligatory newly engaged manicure on Monday—but other than that, the week has been a blur since last Saturday’s seaplane ride.  As you can imagine it’s been a pretty amazing week full of congratulations and hand grabbing and questions—oh the questions!  And the research, oh the research!  Venues, colours, flowers, dresses, bridesmaids,  guests, wedding blogs, wedding etiquette, engagement, ceremony, honeymoon, wedding, wedding, wedding……..good lord there’s a lot to think about!  I’m enjoying it though.  It’s quite surreal and even though The Runner’s managed to keep his composure (his part is done!), I’m a bit overexcited….but in a good way!  Exciting times ahead!!!

As if that wasn’t enough, The Runner and I decided that now is a great time to move house… well I think the universe decided for us, but you know what I mean!  It’s somewhere bigger and with a car spot and closets which will be really good, but a move is a move nonetheless.   And moves are always hard work, at least 3 weeks of chaos of cleaning up, cleaning out, moving, packing, unpacking, setting up, it’s relentless….  And it’s enough to drive anyone insane.     But clearly, The Runner and I thrive on adrenalin and chaos- engagement, birthday, moving, an Ironman, a  major event at work, an overseas trip, 3 weddings, and a funeral all in the next 8 weeks.  It will be a rollercoaster of emotion, stress, activity and everything in between….  Non-stop and all the way live!  It’s going to be a fantastic few weeks without a doubt!

Please forgive me that I won’t be doing loads of cooking in the next few weeks—although I did make Nigella Lawson’s brownies today (which were awesome) for a lovely afternoon with wine, homemade pizza and mates.  Our mates have a Thermomix, which might have to go on our wedding registry (yes, being American I believe in registries!)  Sunday dinners are on hold, until after our trip away.  At the moment, our dining table is covered in boxes and realistically my main focus in the next three weeks is going to be moving, then we have one weekend to unpack and get settled before the Ironman and then Ireland.  I’ll try to describe a few culinary adventures here and there, and yes, The Runner is still running, he’s doing his second Ironman in Port Macquarie in May. 

If anyone has any wedding tips, please pass them on, seriously considering changing the name of the blog to He Run, I Cook, We’re Planning a Wedding….. cue eye rolls from The Runner.

Oh and Happy  Easter!