What We Ate This Week: Shona Lá Fhéile Pádraig

Or Happy St. Patrick’s Day for those of you who don’t speak Irish.  But I’m sure most of you knew that it was St. Patrick’s Day this past week.

March 2016 iphone 118

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So, I’m 33 now, I’ve been 33 for a whole 33 hours nearly- well less really if you take into account time zones and things like that, but either way you slice it, it’s happened. In my mind, I’m officially a grown up age.

32 was always the age of no return for me- my parents were both 32 when I was born so I’ve always felt it was the age when I would be a grown up, the age where I would be a “fully formed adult”. Well, I was right in a lot of ways, 32 was a big year and the year I grew up a lot and experienced grief and loss and uncertainty and I guess all of those things I suppose makes you into an adult no matter when you experience them whether its 18, 25, 32 or 42.

But here I am, 33, the morning after the night before if you will. 33 will be a good year, a banner year. I already know this even though I don’t know all of what it has in store.

My actual 33rd birthday was quite good- I tried on my first wedding dress, quite a magical moment in the wedding planning process. I did my best “Say Yes to the Dress” impersonation, “this is NOT my dress”- I could barely stand up under layers of fluff- ick! The Runner and I had dinner at Chiswick in Woollahra and I had my first Bombe Alaska- yum!!!!!! It might not be a dessert you can order on an airplane but it was yum! I was given a cupcake at work, missed out on Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day but I’ve managed to pick up a cold/flu. Much like life, my day was full of ups and downs.

I’m not complaining, I’m 33 and grown up enough to take the good with the bad! Here’s to a good year and thanks for all the birthday wishes!