About Us

I collect cookbooks, recipes, kitchen gadgets and anything else food related.  He’s an Ironman triathlete who is always on the go or eating….  He’s up at 5 for cycling, I’m reading the new Donna Hay.  He’s eating energy gels, I’m contemplating what to make for dinner.

Together, we’re a team.  We’re Australian based with ocean glimpses (if you stand on your tiptoes), but originally from the States and Ireland.  He’s cycling 100km on a Sunday, I’m in the kitchen plotting our next meal.  We’ve run out of room for cookbooks on the shelf and there’s always at least one bike in our living room!

I believe food is better with friends so nearly every Sunday (unless we’re out of town for a race), we’ll have Sunday dinner- and you’re invited.  Email herunsicook@gmail.com for a seat.

Find me on Facebook…. facebook.com/stephzuniga

Follow me on Twitter @stephzuniga and @herunsicook

Check me out on tumblr as well– stephzuniga.tumblr.com

Now pinning…..pinterest.com/stephzuniga

P.S. If you’re ever wondering what to get me for Christmas, a cookbook will always do nicely!


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