One Last Election Podcast!

I made my last (for now) appearance on the US of Ed Podcast- it was so much fun being a part of the election podcast series. A huge thank you to the US of Ed team for asking me to be a part of it. Honestly, I think I’ve gotten the hang of this whole media thing… TV, Radio, Podcasts…. if only someone would pay me for sharing my opinions with the world! Hopefully my final election media appearance was more successful than the Trump campaign’s… not a landscaping company or crematorium in sight on the podcast.

You can listen here to the last one (for now):

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Like most people, I’ve had so many emotions this week- and even today that I’m really struggling to make sense of- to make peace with, to be able to put into words. I think it will take a long time to fully digest and process all the things that happened this week– and I don’t just mean my two- 2!!!!- national television appearances. You can see one of them here- on the ABC Q+A Website, They also highlighted it as their “hard question of the week.”

I don’t have a link to the other appearance, only a video of me watching myself with a small, curious voice in the background.

Yet another Podcast was released ( and I did 2 live Election Day crosses for the radio show.

But that’s obviously not the biggest news of the week. The biggest is Election Night/Week and it’s outcome. And I’m a bit lost for words. I’m thinking about so many diferent things.

There’s 4 year old excited me- the one that remembers crossing the street to go to the school auditorium one November morning to watch her Mom vote for Geraldine Ferraro.  I think that little girl had finally been given her first Barbie Doll- Day to Night Barbie, and knew on some level that it was a big deal to vote for a woman.  Or maybe she knew that voting for President was a big deal no matter who was on the ticket.

Then there’s me in school, dreading the first day attendance since inevitably I knew that the teacher would get to my name and pause.  I always thought- If I can pronounce it, why can’t they? Now we’ll have a Vice President who knows what it is like, to have to literally spell out/sound out her name for people. I get it, she gets it, that’s awesome.

Then there’s me who is interested in politics, studying political science and American history, learning about elections and the electoral college.  Believing, trusting that the 200+ year system always gets it right.   Learning about political institutions and checks and balances and how it all works.

And 20 year old me, reading about hanging chads and learning that the system can be flawed, and doesn’t always represent the will of the people.  And a year later seeing how one election can lead to one moment that can change everything in the world.

8 years later there was 28 year old me watching, hopeful, crying with joy and disbelief as Barack Obama became the first Black President.  Feeling energized and excited about the possibilities of America and a President who was friends with Oprah and Jay-Z and was smart, funny, cool…. and Black.  But also terrified for him and his family because I knew that there were dark, awful parts of America.

Flash forward to 36.  Me- pregnant and thinking the world was pregnant with the possibility of the first female president.  So much excitement and so much anticipation.  So much optimism— all crushed while watching the election results come in.  I was sitting with a friend at home, while my Mom sat in a room full of strangers.  I called her looking for comfort and answers- “why, what and how”.   For one of the only times in my life, my mother didn’t have the answer.  No one did, I don’t know if we do even now. Crying, shocked, speechless, disbelief. How could this happen? What did it all mean? What is wrong with people?

And now this week.  What was I feeling?  Everything.  All of the above plus fear of what might happen.  Fear of the results, fear of the reaction, fear of the future.  I spoke up, I spoke out, I tried to rally troops, I tried to do something, anything from here.  Was it enough?  Did it matter?  How would we know?  When would we know?  What might happen either way?

And today, a breakthrough.  Maybe not an end, but the beginning of the end.  A sense of relief, a sense of hope- and dare I say, Joy!  Joy that we’ve elected the first female Vice President, the first Vice President of Colour, the first of many things….  Joy that even though a LOT of people voted differently than I did, which I don’t fully understand– more people voted with me. Voted for unity, voted for science, voted for cohesion, and for love of what we have in common not what separates us.

It’s an odd mix of feelings- pride, relief, joy mixed with worry, surprise and fear.   I’m so pleased with the result and hope that my minuscule contribution maybe played a teeny, tiny part.  I doubt it– but isn’t that the great thing about voting and democracy– when we all do our teeny, tiny part, great big things can happen. There’s a huge part of me that is ecstatic and feels excited and energized for what the future holds. I haven’t popped champagne yet, there is a small bottle of Moet in the fridge. I don’t know what I’m waiting for but I’m happy and thankful that I have something to celebrate this time around! Thank you America for getting it right this time!

It’s Voting Season!

Do you have your ballot? Do you have a plan to vote? Do your friends and neighbours? NOW is the time to make a plan and vote!

There’s only 1 month to go before the election. If you’re voting by mail, make sure you have requested and received your ballot. Remember you don’t have to use the postal service to send it back- you can drop it into your local board of elections.

If you’re voting in person, make sure you know where to go and make sure to wear a mask!

No matter how you vote, make sure you vote- and vote up and down the ballot. There are LOTS of guides to help you figure out who to vote for- so get out there and do it!

It’s October- that means it’s time to vote!

And watch this Instagram Live Video I recorded with the Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus Global Chair….

Vote! Vote! Vote!

I know I’m preaching to the choir on this one, because if you know me, well you’re probably more politically aware than the average bear. BUT PLEASE, VOTE!

I’ve even guest starred in a podcast telling people how important it is! It’s the first of a series….. crazy right!

Somewhere there is a video version of it too- I’ll share that one later!


Corona update week 4 or 400 who knows?

So, here we are in 2020- in lockdown and safe at home- but slightly bored. I can report that after 4 weeks in lockdown I have accomplished a few things, but not nearly as much as the Instagram Influencers and Motivated Mothers circulating around the internet. I feel both inadequate and accomplished at the same time.

Life skills learned: 1- thanks to a dumpling class taught by my colleague in Shanghai.  I have also learned that I love dumplings and that they’re extremely relaxing to make.   The best part is that Gary does not like dumplings and I’ve gotten to eat every single one that I Made and they are yummy!

New cooking fad appliances bought:  1 – well 2—maybe 3 if you include the Soda Stream birthday gift.  The only one I’ve bought is the Inova sous vide precision cooker, (and the vacuum sealer to go with it.)  I can already tell it’s going to be life changing for 6 months and then sit in the drawer untouched most of the year.  It’s pretty cool though- I’ve already made carrots and asparagus.  Gary was unimpressed.  They tasted great but they were pretty much just normal carrots and normal asparagus.  So, he doesn’t really get what all the fuss is about.

Hobbies attempted:  3- But so far only 1 has been successful and even that is early days.  Apparently I’ve started a garden from seed- I think the broccoli is growing and at least one or two other plants.  I had very low expectations so didn’t bother to mark what is growing where or read the instructions on how to grow it.  I just stuck the seeds in dirt and the dirt in  a pot and now there are green things growing.  Maybe broccoli or lettuce or tomatoes?  Who knows?  It’s like a quarantine wheel of plant fortunes.

So that led me to think about building a planter box for my new victory garden of broccoli and tomatoes- hopefully.  Luckily, Gary talked me out of DIY-ing it and building it myself.  Actually, it was common sense that made me realize it was a bad idea.  That, and asking Gary whether we had a saw and what pilot holes are, knowing full well that I have no business near a saw- and the likelihood of me putting together anything without instructions is low.  So I just ordered a planter box- which is probably a huge mistake since I have no idea how to garden or even what size I need.  How much dirt goes into a planter box and then what do you do next?

And the third hobby that I have attempted is needlepoint/cross stitch-  well I ordered a kit, which wasn’t in stock, and I’ve ordered two more that haven’t arrived.  By the time they come this lockdown will be over and I’m sure they will both be filed away in my drawer of broken dreams. 

I  would love to say that I’m using my corona-cation time wisely but I’m not and it’s not really a vacation.  I’m working full time, and even though I’m saving time commuting and putting on makeup and getting dressed, I still don’t quite have the free time that other people seem to to learn hobbies or organise their lives I’m not making clever videos or memes or macrame-ing anything or sewing a mask or even Kondo-ing my cabinets.  I’m watching Netflix and still have laundry I haven’t folded and books I’m meaning to read.   Not much has changed- it feels like we’ve been stuck on Tuesday for 4 weeks now.  I think I’ll be a bit sad when this is all Over if I have nothing to show for it- or maybe I’ll just have everyone over for sous vide broccoli and dumplings.