Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler alert:

The Runner is running! He’s just started the 20km run and looks pretty good and strong, which means he survived the bike! Hooray!

The scariest part of the day (for me at least) is done! He hasn’t crashed his bike or gone flying off over the handlebars. What a relief!!

Hopefully I won’t be getting paged to the medical tent but keep your breath held and fingers crossed, there’s still a 20km run to go!


On your mark, Get Set, Go!

It’s race day in Husky– right about now The Runner is treading water in anticipation of the starters gun.  Drinks have been measured, (non-alcoholic so far, he still has a whole race to get through!), gels have been glued, carbs have been loaded (thanks to a brown rice and chicken dinner last night– I’ve done my part!), Garmin watches have been charged, and  race numbers have been attached.  My Pink Ironman visor is on and my camera is at the ready!  So let’s go!

Don’t worry, I’ll give you a full wrap of race day later but if you’re curious, you can view results here!



Wish us luck!