You are an Ironman!!!!

Well, it’s all over except for the drinking, dancing and sore muscles tomorrow!

The Runner finished about 5pm today with a time of 10 hours and 20 minutes. Not too shabby! He was 126 to finish overall (out of 1600 entrants) and 25th in his age group (but who is counting!). He also finished first out of everyone in his triathlon club, which is pretty cool! He also took 30 minutes off the time he did in Busselton eighteen months ago! If I sound like a proud, boasting, gloating fiancée, it’s because I am.

I am exceptionally proud of him. On a day where I have spent the better part of 17 hours watching people compete, I am in awe of him and the other 1599 competitors, they are all impressive and inspiring. There was a blind man who competed with a guide, a 68 year old man who did his first ironman today, a guy who borrowed a bike because he was hit by a car on his bike recently, people who looked like they never exercised who managed to do the whole 140.6, and someone else who has done 75 ironman races. Seriously.

In short, it’s an inspiring place to be. Not inspiring enough to get me in the water or on a bike but its amazing. I’ve seen people fall over on hills on a bike, propose to their partner, dance over the line and collapse into the arms of the official at the end.

They’ve all completed an amazing feat today. They are all ironmen. And their persistence, willpower, courage, and determination are an inspiration. Well done!


Is there anything else we can cram in???

Ok, so if I’m honest this past week has been a blur of whirl of excitement about a million questions, wedding research and if that wasn’t enough, oh yeah, we’ve decided to move house as well.

First of all, yes The Runner and I got engaged.  It was absolutely the most perfect proposal and a beautiful day and experience—it really was like something out of a movie.  I think I touched on the story before, but it really was amazing.  I had to get the obligatory newly engaged manicure on Monday—but other than that, the week has been a blur since last Saturday’s seaplane ride.  As you can imagine it’s been a pretty amazing week full of congratulations and hand grabbing and questions—oh the questions!  And the research, oh the research!  Venues, colours, flowers, dresses, bridesmaids,  guests, wedding blogs, wedding etiquette, engagement, ceremony, honeymoon, wedding, wedding, wedding……..good lord there’s a lot to think about!  I’m enjoying it though.  It’s quite surreal and even though The Runner’s managed to keep his composure (his part is done!), I’m a bit overexcited….but in a good way!  Exciting times ahead!!!

As if that wasn’t enough, The Runner and I decided that now is a great time to move house… well I think the universe decided for us, but you know what I mean!  It’s somewhere bigger and with a car spot and closets which will be really good, but a move is a move nonetheless.   And moves are always hard work, at least 3 weeks of chaos of cleaning up, cleaning out, moving, packing, unpacking, setting up, it’s relentless….  And it’s enough to drive anyone insane.     But clearly, The Runner and I thrive on adrenalin and chaos- engagement, birthday, moving, an Ironman, a  major event at work, an overseas trip, 3 weddings, and a funeral all in the next 8 weeks.  It will be a rollercoaster of emotion, stress, activity and everything in between….  Non-stop and all the way live!  It’s going to be a fantastic few weeks without a doubt!

Please forgive me that I won’t be doing loads of cooking in the next few weeks—although I did make Nigella Lawson’s brownies today (which were awesome) for a lovely afternoon with wine, homemade pizza and mates.  Our mates have a Thermomix, which might have to go on our wedding registry (yes, being American I believe in registries!)  Sunday dinners are on hold, until after our trip away.  At the moment, our dining table is covered in boxes and realistically my main focus in the next three weeks is going to be moving, then we have one weekend to unpack and get settled before the Ironman and then Ireland.  I’ll try to describe a few culinary adventures here and there, and yes, The Runner is still running, he’s doing his second Ironman in Port Macquarie in May. 

If anyone has any wedding tips, please pass them on, seriously considering changing the name of the blog to He Run, I Cook, We’re Planning a Wedding….. cue eye rolls from The Runner.

Oh and Happy  Easter!