How was your weekend?

Well, Well, Well….. THAT was a weekend and a half!  I have to say, that was probably, if not definitely the best weekend of my life. 

A HUGE thank you to the staff at Qualia and Hamilton Island and Hamilton Island Sea Planes for making it such an amazing trip.  And what a trip it was.

First of all, there’s a reason Qualia won the Conde Nast Award for Best Resort in the World, it absolutely is.  It’s by far the nicest resort I’ve been to and truly a delight to all of the senses.  From the second you arrive, to the moment they drop you at the airport, you feel like you’re in a different world, even on a different planet.  One that looks, smells and sounds like heaven.  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a few days of serenity, peace, good food, and champagne!  (Charles Heidsieck is what the pour and it is delish!)  Even without the perfect proposal and engagement, any time spent at Qualia will be special and unforgettable!  I really can’t say enough great things about the resort or the staff…. of course the $38 sandwich and $42 burger may have been a bit much but when you’re sitting in a perfect location with a nice tropical breeze you can almost forgive it (until your next trip to the ATM).  

Aside from the resort itself being perfect, our seaplane ride to Whitehaven beach (the site of The Question from The Runner) was amazing.  

First of all, I’ve always wanted to ride in a seaplane.  I think being a child of the 1980s, I’ve had a weird fascination with seaplanes for a while now.  I’m not sure if it was Tattoo from Fantasy Island  or George Michael’s Careless Whisper video (go to the 3:00- 3:30 mark) that did it, but to me, there’s something enchanting about seaplanes.  The Runner knows this because the last four years I’ve been bugging him to go on a seaplane.  Bugging him…..Unlike other places,well most, normal non-tropical island cities, Sydney actually has quite a few Seaplanes hanging around.  So, I’m sure it was quite annoying for The Runner to have me mimic Tattoo every time one passed over.  Well, finally he can breathe a sigh of relief.  We’ve had our seaplane ride and it was soooooooooo cool!  It’s quite surreal taking off and landing on the water, it’s like being on a flying speedboat.  Very cool, and the Great Barrier Reef, super cool from the air (especially if you hate fish and swimming and oceans like me!) It was my first trip to the Whitsundays but it won’t be my last.  What a gorgeous part of the world!  Whitehaven Beach is perfection!  It’s one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been to and yes, the sand really is that white!

I’ll spare you all the full story, but the trip to Whitehaven was quite memorable and special.   

The whole weekend really was quite amazing and enjoyable.  A huge thank you to everyone involved in every minute of it.  It was fantastic and memorable and wonderful and special.  I can’t say enough good things about Hamilton Island and the Whitsundays and Qualia.  So in short, my weekend was perfect and this morning I had a very sparkly answer to the Monday morning question, “How was your weekend?”



I’m so excited, today- well this weekend we’re heading up to Hamilton Island to stay at Qualia— apparently, it’s been voted the best resort in the whole wide world!  To say that I have high expectations, is an understatement.  To say that I’m excited, is like saying that the Pope is religious.  I’m jumping out of my skin with excitement and expectation.   I mean, come on, this is where Oprah (THE OPRAH!) stayed when she visited Australia.  If it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s probably wayyyyyyyyyy too good for me!  I didn’t even know what to pack, clearly my normal flip flops and sundresses might not be up to scratch with this crowd…..  oh well, I actually should be getting dressed and leaving for the airport now, so better scoot!

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See ya!




You may remember a few months ago I basically gave up everything fun and good and went on a six week detox…. Well I’m going to do it again- with some slight modifications. Why? Why would I put myself through thatagain? Well, because I felt really good while I was doing it and I looked a lot better too. It also happens that it’s Lent, so lots of people are promising to give up things they enjoy. And no, it’s not because of lent that I and doing it. I’ve never given anything up before for it, and I’m not overly religious- I love Christmas and Easter eggs but I don’t go to church– my mother is definitely shaking her head at that but it’s true and she knows it.
Lent isn’t a big deal to me, I didn’t have a pancake yesterday, I’m not getting ashes on my forehead today, in fact I’m not even sure if I could do the whole ash thing, isn’t it just for Catholics?

Anyway, much like Christmas is an excuse to give presents and drink egg nog, I’m using lent as an excuse to get healthy again and detox.

No gluten, no cows milk, and I’m only going to drink once a week. No white foods, no deli or cured meat, limited red meats and shellfish and very little pork too. There’s a whole list of no foods including no fun at all! Don’t despair, I am giving myself one day a week probably on the weekends to break it with one treat, so if you come for a Sunday dinner, it will be real food. Trust me, I won’t be having detox dinners anytime soon, but I am going to do my very best to be good and stay on the wagon most of the time.

I have done this detox before and I lost weight, mostly fat, and felt amazing! I had clear eyes, a shiny coat and a wagging tail. Well, maybe not the tail and coat but I looked great and since I’ve been feeling less than amazeballs recently I figure why not give it a go again! The only thing to lose is my sanity. There’s also the small matter of three weddings coming up in April and May, and a dress I’m hoping to wear to two of them and a beach holiday to Hamilton Island if I’m looking for extra motivation!

So starting tomorrow and probably until my birthday in April, I’m detoxing. I will be the annoying girl who can’t eat half the menu and who asks what kind of milk your fetta is made from (traditionally, it should be goat or sheep, but most of the stuff in Coles is cows now). I’m doing it for vanity more than lent but if I tell people it’s for lent, they won’t ask lots of questions, but only you know the truth!

But just one thing, I know officially lent starts today, but I’m starting tomorrow. It’s my detox and I can do what I want! We’re going to dinner for valentines day and there’s no way I’m not pigging out one last time…. Hello counterproductive…. I know but be quiet willpower and conscience, you’re in charge for the next 6 weeks. I’m having my personal Mardi gras tomorrow night, hopefully there will chocolate shakes, fries, burgers and lots of regret on Friday morning!

Wish me luck!