I don’t do resolutions…

…but it does feel good to start 2015 by saying that I’m going to do a bit better.  I’m going to be pre-wedding Steph not post-wedding Steph.  Pre-wedding Steph went to the gym, Post-wedding Steph went to get ice cream.  Pre-wedding Steph read books and interesting articles in magazines that had nothing to do with wedding dresses, wedding food, wedding invitations or anything to do with weddings.  Pre-wedding Steph actually thought about what she was eating and consciously tried to monitor what she was sticking in her mouth.  Post wedding Steph ate all the pies- in every flavour.  So, I’m going to resolve this year to go back to being Me.   I’m going to be healthy and well read; I’m going to entertain more and I’m going to write more.   I might even think about starting a new hobby (which I promise to throw myself into head first, only to get tired of sometime around July or August).

Or maybe I should just go back to scrapbooking, photography, tennis, yoga, cupcake baking or another hobby that I embraced whole heartedly for a few months before growing tired of it.  Post-wedding Steph wants to be a better person, she wants to learn something new in 2015.  She’s not sure what that is just yet- maybe golf, a new language or maybe just how to make Beef Wellington or a souffle…

I have lots of lofty goals, and lots to achieve this year….although my number one goal is still to have a working stove top!  The internet is fixed, the oven is fixed, but it’s a pretty sad situation when you can’t even boil an egg wilt spinach.  Who am I kidding—I hate boiled eggs!


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