One more Tri

So we were down in Wollongong this weekend for what will be my last race of the season.  The Runner is doing one (or two) more but this is my last one.  With 5 months until the wedding, and after a conference call with The Mom and The Wedding Planner as well as a dinner with the BFF,  it’s time for me to focus.

However, for today, there was one more tri to get through. 

It got off to a bit of a rocky start—I won’t lie, this morning I thought the H-Curse might be in effect.  For more information on the H curse, please see the Noosa race where The Runner came off his bike, 2 races in Huskisson where there were “issues” and you’ll see that the common denominator is The H.* 

*The H is a good friend of The Runner’s from Ireland- they grew up together playing tennis and now do triathlon together but literally every race they do together one of them has a race injury, fall, or major malfunction that affects one or both of them.

Anyway, we had a bit of a late start this morning—totally and completely not my fault.  No, really, it wasn’t- I promise.  We got to the race a bit late considering The Runner and The H hadn’t actually signed in yet to get their timing chips, numbers or anything related to the race.   It was still dark.  Very dark.  Pre-sunrise dark, and there was a bit of illegal driving to get there but we did get there in the end.  And when we got there, there was a queue—a line, for all of my American readers.  Quite a big queue (line) actually, of other athletes who needed to register.  The race was due to start at 6:30am…. (so early!) And at 5:55, we were in the queue.  To be more precise, we were the last people in the queue.  And it wasn’t moving at all.    The Runner and The H were a bit nervous.  Imagine going all that way (Wollongong is only 90 minutes from Sydney, so it’s actually quite close) just to miss the start of the race.   I was too tired to register that I had woken up at 5:25am on a Sunday morning for something that might not happen.  (Really??  Is this my life?)  Thankfully the line/queue moved and eventually we made it to the front with minutes to spare.  I wish I could tell you that everything was fine and that was that- but THAT wouldn’t be a great story now would it?

Well….we got to the front of the queue and The Runner handed over his ID and nothing.  There were a few minutes of paper shuffling, and then nothing.  They couldn’t find his race pack.  Time is ticking by, his name is on the list but his pack is missing.  Tick Tick Tick goes the pre-dawn, pre-race clock.  The older woman who has been handing out packs seems to think there is someone with the same name in the race.  There isn’t but she’s given The Runner’s race pack to someone else.  To Lucas Madar to be exact.  Those of you who know The Runner, know that neither of those names are his- or really that close to his name considering you have to show ID when you collect your pack and presumably Lucas would know his own name and know that The Runner is NOT his name.  Now, I will cut Lucas some slack because it is 6:05am and I’m not sure I knew MY own name at the time.  If I had been pre-occupied with swimming, biking and running, I probably wouldn’t have taken much notice of the name on the pack.  I understand how it happens but….it’s a bit awkward.

The solution was obviously to take the other person’s number and race under that number- which means that when The Runner crossed the line, they announced the other guy’s name and vice versa.  It was only really funny when a friend who was in a later race heard The Runner’s name called out about 10 minutes after he had finished.  It’s also a bit funny because in transition- where you keep your stuff—everyone is in numerical order .  Technically The Runner and the Fake Runner had all of their bikes and gear next to each others.  Clearly, I would have had words to The Fake Me… but The Runner is a better person than I am and had bigger fish to fry!

And actually, The Runner had a fantastic race.  It was probably one of the best ones that I’ve seen him run and I couldn’t be prouder.   He did a record time over the distance and other than a small problem of not turning around in the right spot (he blames me for distracting him), he had what I think is a perfect race.  The H curse isn’t broken-  he had the wrong name!!!  But it was a really good day and I’m really proud of him.  He did amazingly well today and as much as I hate the early starts, I love seeing him do well and do what he loves well.  Just don’t look up his results, they haven’t switched his time yet and the Fake Runner did a rubbish time!!!  

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Lions, the Tour, and the tennis…

It’s a busy, busy time in the He Runs, I Cook household.  We’ve been cooking, eating, pinning, and watching sports.

The Runner is in the midst of  a late night sportsapalooza of Wimbledon and the Tour de France.  Add in the British & Irish Lions Rugby tour and it’s been a pretty sports filled couple of weeks.  We have grunting women, men in spandex and scrums happening in our living room on a nightly basis.   Thankfully, we have Foxtel so he hasn’t missed a minute- and luckily Wimbledon and the Tour start after Masterchef so there haven’t been any fights over the TV—yet. 

I’ve been cooking up a storm- slow cooker corn and prawn bisque, Nigella’s spaghetti with mushroom and thyme, and Bourbon glazed pork tenderloin with peaches  tonight from my Dinner: A love story cookbook (Thanks Mom!)

 We went to the Good Food and Wine Show this past Sunday, and well went a little bit nuts on the Wine part of the show.    We discovered some great wines from some wineries I can’t actually remember, but don’t worry, we came home with enough bottles to jog my memory the next morning! 

I’m still in the midst of wedding planning– I’m actually not even sure what’s being planned at this stage but I think the term “wedding planning” covers my obsession with pinterest and wedding blogs.    Of course, I don’t actually have time to read all of the blogs so at this stage they’re going into a “Wedding” folder in my email account……Last look, there were hundreds of emails in there….yikes.   

I have to confess, I don’t know the first thing about weddings or wedding planning.   It’s a nice distraction, but I’m starting to get a bit bored of tulle and looking at pictures of centrepieces.  It wasn’t a good sign the other night, when I turned to The Runner, who was distracted by the first stage of the Tour de France and announced that I was ready for the wedding to happen now.  

He sort of looked at me and rolled his eyes.  We still have 13 months and 6 days to go until the wedding— so If I’m already tired of planning, it’s not a good sign.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m so excited about the wedding and about being married and all, but I just kind of want it all to happen on its own.  Like all the little bouquets to make themselves, and all the placecards to be set and all the photographers to be interviewed and all the dresses to just appear as if by magic.  Yes, I’m like the anti-bridezilla at the moment.

The Wedding is sort of falling into the same category as photography and scrapbooking—two hobbies I  enjoy doing- especially photography  and was really really into for a few months so I took lessons and bought all the gear and now I never really do it now.  I mean, yes, I take pictures, but the Adobe Photoshop Suite I swore I was going to learn to use because I was going to be a serious photographer—nope touched it once, still don’t get it.  All that pretty paper I was going to use to make a scrapbook out of, still sitting upstairs on the desk I bought as a scrapbooking desk.  By the way, the scrapbooking desk—covered in wedding magazines at the moment! 

Maybe it’s just that it’s so far away and I’m actually slightly organised that wedding planning has lost its sense  of urgency.  I’m becoming quite good at shopping for wedding dresses, but not so much making a decision on one— yet.  And I haven’t really started on anything else yet.    I’m very relaxed about the whole thing because I have loads of time… and I’m more of a last minute person anyway…..  procrastination and finishing assignments in the middle of the night  is how I got through school!   Partly, I’m writing this because I’m sure 12 months from now, I’ll be frazzled and panicked and interrupting the Tour de France with Bridezilla like freak outs about posies vs. peonies and other silly things.    But this year, I’ll just let The Runner stay up and enjoy it in peace!




So, it’s time to come out of the closet and get something out into the open.  

First, I have to apologise because as a friend commented recently on Facebook, this blog is slowly becoming, He Runs, I Plan Weddings… sorry, it’s true.  It’s especially true now that the cookbooks and pots and pans are packed up for our big move (it’s a whole 5 minute drive away) and The Runner and I have fully committed to eating takeaway meals for the next 6 days.  

The Runner is still holding up his part of the bargain, 3 weeks before Port Macquarie Ironman and he’s running,biking, and swimming his heart out.  He left at 5am to go do some obscene number of kilometers on a bike and then go on a long run- and by long run, I think he means the better part of a marathon.

I’m the one letting the team down.  I’m not cooking, and to be honest my recipe obsession has been replaced by a new one.  I’m obsessed with Wedding Blogs.  Something has snapped in my brain, and in the last few weeks I’ve gone from reading New York Times and Huff Post and the Sydney Morning Herald online to reading wedding blogs.  Stylish Bride, Offbeat Bride, DIY bride, DC bride, Sydney Bride, Brides Who Cook, Eco friendly Brides, Crazy Brides, Brides of Colour, Brides without Borders etc etc etc.  It’s a bit ridic and sad.  I’m the girl on the bus going through her Feedly feed reading about how to DIY centerpieces and nautical themed escort cards.  Seriously???? Who have I become and what is wrong with me???  

I do have the common sense not to actually talk about my obsession in public, I only talk about weddings when asked because really, there are more interesting things to talk about: The Death of Margaret Thatcher and the diverse reactions to it, the North Korean Nuclear crisis, Tiger Woods’ come back at The Masters, Australian Federal Politics, Lindsay Lohan at Coachella, Pregnant Kim Kardashian being attacked for gaining weight, blah blah blah.    I have to confess, I glance over those stories and go straight to “Magazine Worthy Flowers” and “Real Washington DC Weddings”- pathetic, I know.  

But I’ve always had an obsessive personality.  I’m the girl who throws herself into the next big thing and loves it for long enough to get really into it and then really bored with it.  Packing in the last couple of weeks has reminded me of previous obsessions- scrapbooking, photography, cupcake baking, pasta making, tennis, the list goes on.  So far, wedding planning will be about the same.  I’ll throw myself into it, then get bored by it and then panic and realise that the wedding is half planned and still 6 months away.  Very typical.  

So, that’s my big confession, probably not earth shattering, but I needed to get it off my chest.  I don’t know if I’m ready for a 12 step program yet, but I am ready to admit it:  I am obsessed with wedding blogs.  I don’t think I’ve hurt anyone so far– The Runner might argue that he was slightly scarred and scared by an episode of Say Yes to The Dress, but he’ll get over it…he only has a few more months to go, and he’s obsessed with Triathlon magazines so I’d say we’re even!

Is there anything else we can cram in???

Ok, so if I’m honest this past week has been a blur of whirl of excitement about a million questions, wedding research and if that wasn’t enough, oh yeah, we’ve decided to move house as well.

First of all, yes The Runner and I got engaged.  It was absolutely the most perfect proposal and a beautiful day and experience—it really was like something out of a movie.  I think I touched on the story before, but it really was amazing.  I had to get the obligatory newly engaged manicure on Monday—but other than that, the week has been a blur since last Saturday’s seaplane ride.  As you can imagine it’s been a pretty amazing week full of congratulations and hand grabbing and questions—oh the questions!  And the research, oh the research!  Venues, colours, flowers, dresses, bridesmaids,  guests, wedding blogs, wedding etiquette, engagement, ceremony, honeymoon, wedding, wedding, wedding……..good lord there’s a lot to think about!  I’m enjoying it though.  It’s quite surreal and even though The Runner’s managed to keep his composure (his part is done!), I’m a bit overexcited….but in a good way!  Exciting times ahead!!!

As if that wasn’t enough, The Runner and I decided that now is a great time to move house… well I think the universe decided for us, but you know what I mean!  It’s somewhere bigger and with a car spot and closets which will be really good, but a move is a move nonetheless.   And moves are always hard work, at least 3 weeks of chaos of cleaning up, cleaning out, moving, packing, unpacking, setting up, it’s relentless….  And it’s enough to drive anyone insane.     But clearly, The Runner and I thrive on adrenalin and chaos- engagement, birthday, moving, an Ironman, a  major event at work, an overseas trip, 3 weddings, and a funeral all in the next 8 weeks.  It will be a rollercoaster of emotion, stress, activity and everything in between….  Non-stop and all the way live!  It’s going to be a fantastic few weeks without a doubt!

Please forgive me that I won’t be doing loads of cooking in the next few weeks—although I did make Nigella Lawson’s brownies today (which were awesome) for a lovely afternoon with wine, homemade pizza and mates.  Our mates have a Thermomix, which might have to go on our wedding registry (yes, being American I believe in registries!)  Sunday dinners are on hold, until after our trip away.  At the moment, our dining table is covered in boxes and realistically my main focus in the next three weeks is going to be moving, then we have one weekend to unpack and get settled before the Ironman and then Ireland.  I’ll try to describe a few culinary adventures here and there, and yes, The Runner is still running, he’s doing his second Ironman in Port Macquarie in May. 

If anyone has any wedding tips, please pass them on, seriously considering changing the name of the blog to He Run, I Cook, We’re Planning a Wedding….. cue eye rolls from The Runner.

Oh and Happy  Easter!