Day 21- So, how’s the kitchen going?

Better than a cruise on the Titanic but not exactly smooth sailing.

It is a question that I’m getting asked a lot these days for obvious reasons.

People who have renovated before are more than happy to commiserate and share their horror story of the renovation that took 6 months instead of 6 weeks or the time that they had a dodgy {insert name of trade here} and their renovation project went off the rails.

People who haven’t renovated before are genuinely surprised that it’s not done yet. Yes, it takes more than a week to renovate and put things back together.

No matter which side of the fence you’re on, yes, our kitchen renovation is still going on.

We’ve made some progress, had some setbacks and are learning to live in chaos. More work is happening today but a lot is already done. Enjoy this picture of our current kitchen- which to untrained eye hasn’t changed a lot in the past week or so!

You will notice the floors are done, walls are patched and there aren’t any wires hanging from the ceiling…. But we’re not done yet.


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