Day 8- So there’s good news and there’s bad news

Yes, it’s Day 8 but nothing has actually happened in the kitchen since Day 4. The good news is that the appliances, dishwasher and sink have all arrived.

The bad news is there’s a shortage of tradesman at the moment thanks to the lockdown, Covid, and a few other factors so we can’t find anyone to gyprock which is the next stage of the Reno. So, we’re in a bit of a conundrum. Kind of like Cinderella, all dressed up with no where to go- and no progress being made.

The good news is that we may have found a solution a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend who is charging us triple what it should cost has said that he can do it- which will get the project moving again- at a cost.

There is also the issue of the floors. We can’t find anyone to do them, so one of us has decided he will do the floors himself- with the help of a friend because we can’t find a professional to do them. This is not an option I am thrilled about, in fact I have strong feelings about DIY projects. Namely, that they should not be done unless it’s something no one will see. You wouldn’t do your own dental work, or defend yourself in a lawsuit….. but I digress. But, desperate times may call for desperate measures but fingers crossed it doesn’t come to DIY.

So hopefully there will be more progress in days 8-14, we’ve made it through the first week at least- and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just not sure how long the tunnel is!


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