Day 2- Open Concept

So like most middle class people aged between 18 and 80, I love a good home renovation show- especially the Property Brothers. They love to create Open Concepts. I’m not sure if they actually created the phrase “open concept” but in almost every episode, they bring in the fancy computer program and walls start disappearing. Well Folx, it’s happened in our own renovation. We’ve created an open concept. It’s dusty and noisy but it’s done. The builder said it was a lot more work than he thought. And emphasized the A LOT but we are making progress!

And even more exciting is that our new kitchen bits are already starting to arrive and should go in today. With any luck, we’ll have the carcasses or frames installed today, and it will all be ready for the appliances when they arrive on Wednesday hopefully.

We are having fun in our renovation adventure. Leftovers on the deck and TV and lounging up up stairs. So- so far, so good! The weekend will be a test of course but let’s see what today brings!


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