Day 3- I see where this is heading…

So, not to jinx us- but things are going relatively ok with this renovation thing.

We’re exactly three days in- and things are taking shape. Yes, at the moment there is dust everywhere and a pile of dishes to wash in the laundry that I’m still getting my head around how to wash but it’s going ok.

In fact, our new kitchen is starting to rise like a Phoenix out of the dust and ash of our old ones. Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but it is starting to take shape!

Even Thomas is impressed.

Although right now, the big debate is over what colour countertops. We can change our minds up until Monday or Tuesday so of course we are still undecided…. Enjoy this web page visualization of our two options in their model kitchen- the one that we agreed on is out of stock since everyone is renovating at the moment.

Colour on counter top or colour on the island? And yes, they are different!

Another benefit of renovation? Guilt free Fish and chips by the beach for dinner!

Thomas was excited by the horses…..

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