So, it’s time to come out of the closet and get something out into the open.  

First, I have to apologise because as a friend commented recently on Facebook, this blog is slowly becoming, He Runs, I Plan Weddings… sorry, it’s true.  It’s especially true now that the cookbooks and pots and pans are packed up for our big move (it’s a whole 5 minute drive away) and The Runner and I have fully committed to eating takeaway meals for the next 6 days.  

The Runner is still holding up his part of the bargain, 3 weeks before Port Macquarie Ironman and he’s running,biking, and swimming his heart out.  He left at 5am to go do some obscene number of kilometers on a bike and then go on a long run- and by long run, I think he means the better part of a marathon.

I’m the one letting the team down.  I’m not cooking, and to be honest my recipe obsession has been replaced by a new one.  I’m obsessed with Wedding Blogs.  Something has snapped in my brain, and in the last few weeks I’ve gone from reading New York Times and Huff Post and the Sydney Morning Herald online to reading wedding blogs.  Stylish Bride, Offbeat Bride, DIY bride, DC bride, Sydney Bride, Brides Who Cook, Eco friendly Brides, Crazy Brides, Brides of Colour, Brides without Borders etc etc etc.  It’s a bit ridic and sad.  I’m the girl on the bus going through her Feedly feed reading about how to DIY centerpieces and nautical themed escort cards.  Seriously???? Who have I become and what is wrong with me???  

I do have the common sense not to actually talk about my obsession in public, I only talk about weddings when asked because really, there are more interesting things to talk about: The Death of Margaret Thatcher and the diverse reactions to it, the North Korean Nuclear crisis, Tiger Woods’ come back at The Masters, Australian Federal Politics, Lindsay Lohan at Coachella, Pregnant Kim Kardashian being attacked for gaining weight, blah blah blah.    I have to confess, I glance over those stories and go straight to “Magazine Worthy Flowers” and “Real Washington DC Weddings”- pathetic, I know.  

But I’ve always had an obsessive personality.  I’m the girl who throws herself into the next big thing and loves it for long enough to get really into it and then really bored with it.  Packing in the last couple of weeks has reminded me of previous obsessions- scrapbooking, photography, cupcake baking, pasta making, tennis, the list goes on.  So far, wedding planning will be about the same.  I’ll throw myself into it, then get bored by it and then panic and realise that the wedding is half planned and still 6 months away.  Very typical.  

So, that’s my big confession, probably not earth shattering, but I needed to get it off my chest.  I don’t know if I’m ready for a 12 step program yet, but I am ready to admit it:  I am obsessed with wedding blogs.  I don’t think I’ve hurt anyone so far– The Runner might argue that he was slightly scarred and scared by an episode of Say Yes to The Dress, but he’ll get over it…he only has a few more months to go, and he’s obsessed with Triathlon magazines so I’d say we’re even!


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