What We Ate This Week: Shona Lá Fhéile Pádraig

Or Happy St. Patrick’s Day for those of you who don’t speak Irish.  But I’m sure most of you knew that it was St. Patrick’s Day this past week.

March 2016 iphone 118

Our menu somewhat matched the festivities-  Vichyssoise or Leek and Potato Soup on Tuesday night from Manu’s French Kitchen (it was green and continued our weekly soup trend!), and on Wednesday, we had Steak and a modified Colcannon (I used rocket, not Kale or Cabbage) from Cathal Armstrong’s cookbook, My Irish Table.  We also managed to head to some fantastic non-Irish restaurants, Justin North’s Hotel Centennial, and Matt Moran’s Chiswick.  I highly recommend both restaurants if you’re in or around the Woollahra area in Sydney.

Although the meals we had in restaurants were delicious, the high point of our culinary week was our pre-St. Patrick’s Day Dessert on Wednesday night.  We had our version of Guinness Affogatos.   I had originally seen the recipe on BonAppetit.com and it sounded pretty good- and pretty easy.  Vanilla Ice Cream, Guinness, and a shot of espresso.  I mean, what could go wrong.

Step 1:  Scoop out ice cream.

Step 2:  Pour Guinness

Step 3:  Add Espresso.

Done.  Simple.  But I decided to take it the next level- and added a shot of Bailey’s on top.  It was worth it!   It was amazing.  I would definitely try it again, but I feel like there are a few more tweak that we could make.  I might leave the coffee out next time, it was a bit bitter and drinking espresso at 10pm at night is never a good idea!  I would also try it with Chocolate ice cream, because I LOVE Guinness and Chocolate together.  Beyond that, it was perfect- like an ice cream float but way more St. Patricksy-er….if that’s actually a word!



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