I’m not bragging but….

My garden is actually doing pretty well!  (Touch wood)

It’s going so well, that I’m scared to leave it for a few days to go to Noosa.  Who’s going to water them and keep them alive for 5 whole days!

It’s going so well, that I actually can see tiny baby tomatoes on my tomato plant.

It’s going so well, that I didn’t pull the weeds that are actually little baby flowers.

It’s going so well, that only a few plants have died.

It’s going so well, that I’m bragging (only slightly) about it.

oct 2014 067
Can you see the little baby tomatoes? I’m EXCEPTIONALLY proud of them!

Because I’m a proud little plant mama.  I’m managed to keep these little guys alive (more or less- I’m sorry coriander and parsley) for a few weeks now.   I’ve been watering them almost every day and the results are starting to bear fruit….literally!It’s going so well, I actually used homegrown mint when I made roast lamb AND in my minty peas this week. Just as an FYI, last time I tried to grow tomatoes, I wound up with one.   That’s right.  1 little sad cherry tomato that I waited patiently all summer for.  We’re already doing a bit better this time!

So, because I have no children or pets, I’m going to treat you to a few progress photos of the garden…  you can just make out the little shoots for the wildflowers (I hope) that have started growing.  I nearly pulled them thinking they were weeds, until I realised that they were growing in the exact spots where I had sown the seeds for the flowers.  I’m not a gardening expert (yet) but I’m making progress!  I’ll keep you posted!

oct 2014 069
Ok, so maybe my hit rate isn’t 100%….
oct 2014 065
One is parsley, one is coriander (cilantro)…I’m just not sure which is which…but they definitely are doing better inside than out!
oct 2014 068
oct 2014 066
Mint… and what originally was parsley and coriander too…. but they died 😦
oct 2014 061
Baby flowers…. or weeds???? Only time will tell!
oct 2014 063
Fingers crossed they are flowers… it’s too soon to tell!
oct 2014 056
1 dead plant out of 4…. not too bad!
oct 2014 042
Ok, you can’t see the garden fresh mint in the peas and spinach, but it’s in there…. trust me!

oct 2014 060 oct 2014 062 oct 2014 064 oct 2014 059 oct 2014 058 oct 2014 057


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