Paleo, Caveman, Primal, UGH!

Happy April!

So for April’s challenge, we’re going caveman or paleo or primal or something.  If we can figure out what to eat.

It seems like everyone has their own take on what Paleo is and what you can or cannot eat.  Making this week’s menu and grocery list has been a nightmare.  Is cream in or out?  What about corn?  What about potatoes and sweet potatoes? Different websites say different things- I found a gnocchi recipe on one website, only to see that on another, gnocchi isn’t paleo!

I did find a list of Paleo foods which is pretty much what I’m going to stick to this month.  We are going to err on the side of Primal over Paleo.  Apparently, the difference between them is that on the Primal diet, you can have dairy.  But there’s so much conflicting information on the interweb, I could be wrong.

It’s pretty confusing in fairness, and with its focus on meat, it’s pretty much opposite to the vegetarian and vegan challenges which I really enjoyed.   Also, not being allowed corn tortillas or black beans means that Mexican is out which has pretty much make this my least favourite challenge so far.  (So, what did the early Incans and Mayans eat??)  To be honest, I’m already happy for evolution and it’s only April 1st.

Also, since it’s my birthday month, I’m giving myself an extra cheat day (my challenge, my birthday, my rules!)


Happy April!


2 thoughts on “Paleo, Caveman, Primal, UGH!

  1. It’s really great that you are trying this out, and I agree completely the information on the internet is all over the place! Big Paleo and Primal advocators often will say that these lifestyles have to be custom made by the individual. The deeper message behind these theories is to eat foods in its most natural state possible, as organic as possible and as ethically as possible. Often people mistaken low carbs with no carbs, or that “paleo=meat and bacon all the time”, but the real take from it is to take all of your carbs from fruits, vegetables and nuts, (and to know the difference between vegetables and grains and legumes, Ie. corn is a grain, peas and peanuts are legumes) with a moderate amount of meats and healthy fats. It’s going to be a rough 30 days if you are already having trouble with it, but id suggest trying to see it as a way of simplifying your life, rather than complicating it. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! It will be a challenge but I think it will be good in the end. It does seem like paleo is very polarizing! The whole point for me is to try something different and to change my mindset for 30 days. If nothing else, it will change my normal patterns which is partially the point! Happy eating!

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