And we’re off!

Watch out Ireland, here we come!

As if we hadn’t been busy enough in the past 6 weeks, today we’re leaving for an overseas adventure!  2 weddings, a week of wedding planning and my Dad’s memorial service in Florida.  4 cities, 3 continents (including our stopover in Abu Dhabi), all in 20 days.   I wouldn’t call it a holiday, but hopefully it will be fun!  

The Runner can barely walk, poor thing, after his amazing performance over the weekend and I’m so tired I can barely see straight-  but it doesn’t matter, we’re getting ourselves sorted this morning and heading to the airport.

So see you Sydney!  And best of luck to everyone at work (we’re  they’re hosting an event with Richard Branson on Friday)!  Very sad to miss it but I know it will be fantastic, we’ve put in a lot of work over the last few months so fingers crossed!


Right, no time to dilly dally, I need to finish packing!


Next stop….. Ireland!



Ok, so there probably won’t be palm trees….. or sunshine…. or warm weather, but a girl can dream!


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