Coming up next Sunday….. Apples for Jam!

Thanks to the randomness of the “Close your eyes and point” methodology, I’ve now chosen the cookbook for next week.  Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros.


This book is absolutely gorgeous, given to me by lovely friends as a birthday gift (I think?).  The pictures are beautiful and it’s a fairly thick book with recipes organised by- wait for it- colours!  Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, Gold, White, Brown, Monochrome, Striped and Multicolour!  Very cool- and some very yummy sounding recipes– although I have to make a HUGE confession….. I’ve never cooked anything out of this book…. in fact, that might be a catch phrase that becomes increasingly common as the Blog goes on.

So, for my first attempt to cook using this book, we have the following options on pages 7, 33, 69, 87, 101….

p.7- Sorry guys, this is where the table of contents lives….

p.33- Meat Lasagne- the second page of the recipe- one of the Runner’s favourite meals….

p.69- Quince Jam- this recipe needs 2kg of Quince.  I’m not sure where people even buy a single quince, let alone 2kg of quinces…. I think I’ll leave the quince jam to Maggie Beer.

p.87- Roast rack of pork with fennel and honey- Hello Sunshine!!!  Have I mentioned that I LOVE pork?

p.101- Orange juice and olive oil cake with pine nuts…. ooh that doesn’t sound half bad!

Stay tuned, and feel free to weigh in with your two cents…..  and yes, I will need some volunteers to help us eat this time.


2 thoughts on “Coming up next Sunday….. Apples for Jam!

  1. Steph! Apples for Jam was from me! (and clint!) as a thank you for your help with our wedding 🙂 Glad it’s getting featured so soon! xx

    1. I knew it was you and Clint who had given it to me, but that’s right it was for your wedding! I remembered packing it in my suitcase from Adelaide. You guys also gave me the awesome How To Cook Everything Book!

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