Day 30- Happy Thanksgiving!

30 days since we started this kitchen caper. And it’s not done yet.

Are we cooking this Thanksgiving? No. Am I disappointed? Yes. Did I hope we’d be done by now? Definitely. Are we? Well….no.

We are getting close though. Looking back, the first week was a frenzy, and since then, it’s been….. hurry up and wait. Bursts of activity and then nothing.

But it is coming together. The fridge is no longer in the dining room, one oven is installed. We have food in the pantry and plates in the drawers. Hopefully by the end of the weekend, we will have counters and maybe even a sink. I live in hope.

All in all, I’m pretty thankful. Not only am I thankful to be able to renovate a kitchen but also thankful that progress is being made at all and that we’re not staring into an empty void.

So Happy Thanksgiving if you’re celebrating today. I’m looking forward to the next time I can enjoy cooking for family and friends again.


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