Next Stop, Noosa!

So, in the midst of all the job searching, wedding planning, and challenge eating, I’ve neglected to tell you that it’s Noosa Week!  Well, not yet, but as of Friday it is!

What am I on about are you asking?

The Noosa Triathlon Festival– it’s The Runner’s favourite triathlon of them all and it’s because it’s a pretty good one (even I have to agree!)

Reasons why the Noosa Triathlon is so good:

1)  It’s in Noosa, and Noosa is amazing.  It’s one of the first places I ever went in Australia because it’s one of the best holiday spots in Australia.  It’s gorgeous, has great restaurants, a few shops and lots of ice cream shops.  It’s perfect.  If you don’t believe me,

2)  It’s a fantastic atmosphere- there are about 20,000 athletes of all different ages and sizes and because Noosa is such a great tourist destination, there are lots of families, partners etc who cheer on the athletes.  There’s a real buzz and excitement in the crowd.

3) It’s established- it’s been going for 30 years so they have the logistics pretty well sussed out.  It’s very well organised and hassle free for athletes and spectators.  

4)  The nightlife is great- ok, maybe not the Saturday night but after the Triathlon is over, everyone parties at the Surf Club and on Hastings St.  Last year, I ran into the winner in one of the bars after the triathlon– and then made him prove (with photographic evidence- and his medal) that he actually won it.   

5)  Melbourne Cup on the beach– yes, it is as much fun as it sounds.

6)  We almost always have a house with a pool (except for the year that we stayed in the hotel with no bathroom door)

7) The weather is always good!

8)  We always have great friends with us!


Sunshine, friends, beaches and a great crowd– what else could you possibly ask for in a triathlon???



So this weekend is the Port Macquarie Ironman, that’s come around quickly!

The Runner is driving up today and I fly up on Friday. I know he’s put in lots of training but it somehow seems less traumatic than the one is Busselton. This one has sort of snuck up on me to be honest, or perhaps I’ve been too busy watching Say Yes to the Dress to notice!

While its not 100% true, there is some Truth in that. The whole time he’s been training and preparing I’ve had loads of things to distract me- I was getting up to pack boxes while he was training or going to the gym myself. In the evenings I’ve been hitting the gym and pole dancing lessons and organizing moves and looking at wedding venues in DC and planning our trio overseas and concentrating on work. In short, I haven’t really minded the training this time and it’s been less of a big deal to him as well.

The Runner is super calm about the whole Ironman caper this time around, it’s his second one and he’s totally confident about it. He knows he can do it so for now, four days out there are no signs of nerves.

We’ll see if that changes by the time I see him on Saturday!

Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler alert:

The Runner is running! He’s just started the 20km run and looks pretty good and strong, which means he survived the bike! Hooray!

The scariest part of the day (for me at least) is done! He hasn’t crashed his bike or gone flying off over the handlebars. What a relief!!

Hopefully I won’t be getting paged to the medical tent but keep your breath held and fingers crossed, there’s still a 20km run to go!

On your mark, Get Set, Go!

It’s race day in Husky– right about now The Runner is treading water in anticipation of the starters gun.  Drinks have been measured, (non-alcoholic so far, he still has a whole race to get through!), gels have been glued, carbs have been loaded (thanks to a brown rice and chicken dinner last night– I’ve done my part!), Garmin watches have been charged, and  race numbers have been attached.  My Pink Ironman visor is on and my camera is at the ready!  So let’s go!

Don’t worry, I’ll give you a full wrap of race day later but if you’re curious, you can view results here!


Wish us luck!


What (or who) is your nemesis?

The Runner has one. I have one. Superman has one. I’m sure everyone has one. And that’s a nemesis.

In Greek Mythology, Nemesis was the Goddess of Revenge, she’s the one that brings “sorrow to mortals” (according to Wikipedia which doesn’t lie). Nemesis also believed that “no one should ever have too much good, and she had always cursed those who were blessed with countless gifts.” Sure, we’ll go with that. It kind of makes me feel better about myself.

My nemesis, (at least in the world of Pole Dancing, my sport) is the Candy. It’s a move that I’ve struggled with for years… YEARS! All the other girls make it look so simple and so easy- just throw your legs over your head and smile– hooray! Too easy!!

Nope, sorry, not me. That move taunts me, much like Nemesis taunted Narcissus. Yup, she was the one who led him to the pool where he drowned staring at his own reflection– she was soooo mean. Much like my Candy. I hate it, every week it’s a reminder of why I will never be really really good at pole. Because every week, we practice it and every week I fail. Annoying and frustrating and yes, it’s my archenemy. But I’m determined- and one week in the near future, I will conquer it– or possibly die trying.


This week also features The Runner’s nemesis (and no, it’s not Valentine’s Day). It’s the triathlon in Huskisson aka Husky Long Course. This is the 3rd time he’s doing it and hopefully it will be the year he beats it…..Because frankly, I’m not sure that it could be any worse than the previous two years he’s done it.

Last year was so bad, he came second in a competition for who had the worst race. Second! Which means that not only did he have a horrible race, but he didn’t win a prize for having the worst race, which really just adds insult to injury….and by injury, I mean an actual injury…. two years in a row!

The first year he did it, he pulled his hamstring, and had to limp his way out of the race. Last year, he lost his watch during the swim and then rode through a pothole at 50km/hr and came off his bike and wound up in the first aid tent after the race. Ouch! Every other race he’s done has been flawless- or at least relatively drama free…. It’s just something about the race in Husky that’s, well, trouble.

So, understandably I’m a bit nervous for him. Unlike my nemesis, which realistically is only hurting my ego, I’ll be waiting and watching on Sunday morning with baited breath hoping that The Runner finishes the race and makes it through in one piece and not broken and bruised.

There’s nothing better than beating your nemesis once and for all, and I really think that this could be the year he does it. I’ll let you know how it goes but keep your fingers crossed…. maybe once he conquers this race, I’ll finally get my Candy sorted!

A girl can only dream…..


P.S I found a great blog that pretty much sums up how I feel about pole…. (oh yes, this would be my other nemesis move– don’t even get me started on this one!)

I lied

So I sort of lied when I said that not much was going on a week or so
ago. That’s definitely not true- it’s just that all the stuff that’s
going on is pretty normal, boring stuff. I guess it’s called everyday
life. But there’s so much of it going on that I forgot this is a Sunday
Dinner week and I’m cooking from “Omg, I Can Eat That” by Jane Kennedy.

Don’t worry, it’s not what you think, the recipes are basically
healthier versions of foods that are traditionally really fatty. I made
Dukkah crusted Lamb and spicy pumpkin during the week and it was pretty
good. For Sunday, I’m tossing up between chicken and Leek Piemakins and
Thai Beef Curry.

So what has been going on? The Runner is preparing for his first big
race of the season in Huskisson, in Jervis bay so he’s up running and
biking most mornings. I’m a bit nervous about the race to be honest
since he’s injured himself progressively worse each year that he’s done
it. The first year it was a hamstring, then last year he came off his
bike at speed and wound up bruised and bloodied. He finished the race
though but it looked as though someone had taken a cheese grater to him.
It’s coming up in a few weeks so more on that later. He also did a
VO2max test a few weeks ago- some sort of test of how fit he is. He was
pretty chuffed with the results. I don’t really get it but I read the
report, scratched my head and told him I was proud of him. His
birthday is next week so wish him happy birthday if you happen to see
him. I Love birthdays– my own mainly, but his is always good fun too,
once I sort out the what to get him dilemma. He wants running shoes
(snore!) We’re going to dinner at Universal, a restaurant here in Sydney
which is apparently closing down in April so we figured we should go
sooner rather than later and then celebrating his actual birthday with a
wedding (not ours).

What else? I’m working, and finally into the habit of getting up every
single morning again (even in the rain) and working all day. I wish
someone had told me when I was younger how much better school is than
work– wait, I think my mom did but I didn’t believe her at the time.
Seriously, kids have it made! School from 9-3, then summer vacation,
days off, snow days, recess– what was I thinking growing up???

I made a Chinese New Year resolution (I’m only calling it that because I
made it closer to February 1st than January 1st) to get up and go to the
gym every Thursday morning. I’m not a morning person so wish me luck,
it’s been two weeks in a row, well really only 1 so we’ll see what
happens in the next few weeks. I’ve been struggling to read the book
Les Miserables but have given up (nearly) in favor of Words With Friends
on the bus. And when I say struggling, the stupid book is 1600 pages on
the Kindle and Victor Hugo spends 90 pages explaining the Battle of
Waterloo battlefield and how empty and bare a room is. I love reading,
but seriously this is enough to test my patience. We finally have a
working oven, which I’m getting reacquainted with, and a newly organised
kitchen- so now I have no excuses! I even found all the parts of my
KitchenAid mixer, including the fruit and vegetable strainer that I’ve
never used. Don’t ask but when I bought it, I saw myself making — ok
to be honest I have no idea what. But now, that I’ve found it, so help
me god, I will use it for something — eventually, I hope. So that’s
pretty much it, after everything that’s happened recently, I feel like
things are more or less settling back into normal again.

Happy February everyone!

Ps: please keep my little niece in your thoughts, the poor little
pumpkin is in hospital at the moment and even though she’s full of
smiles it’s no fun and she has her aunt a bit worried!

Update from Noosa

So, it’s been an action packed and fabulous time in Noosa and we’re not done yet! I absolutely adore Noosa (except that the grocery store closes at 5:30 on Saturday night- it is 2012 Noosa, I’m sure you can manage a 9pm finish).

The race itself was good, The Runner did a PB (personal best) and the triathlon virgins that we’re up here with all survived and two new Tri WAGs were initiated–technically only one is a wife/girlfriend but the term still applies.

We arrived on Friday morning, however The Runner’s bike didn’t arrive until Friday night. Every year Jetstar has the same problem trying to get thousands of bikes up to Noosa from Sydney- which is annoying but kind of makes sense. Bikes are big and take up a lot of room, and when everyone on a plane has one, someone is going to miss out! Of course, that was not what The Runner or his friends wanted to hear on Friday afternoon when there were 4 triathletes in the house and not a bike in sight. Especially when said missing bike is worth a small fortune (it’s worth more than my car actually). Oh well, it all worked out and bikes all arrived unscathed. I’ll spare you some of the other funny bits of the race lead up, although really one tip, if you’re going to attempt to do the race as someone else, you should probably be able to recite their address and where they work without pausing!

The morning of race day is always a time of nervous energy- possibly more for me than The Runner. He was up at 4 am and so was I. He was checking his gear, getting dressed, having breakfast and stretching and I was, well, I was just nervous for him. Nervousness is a weird thing when it’s behalf of someone else, because it’s not really nervousness, it’s more a feeling of willing someone to do well but knowing it’s completely out of your control. I felt like one of those parents at a spelling bee who is trying to telepathically send the correct spelling to their child, sending out I before E mentally across the room. So, even though I didn’t leave for the race until about 7:15, I was tossing and turning all night and wide awake at 4am trying to both be helpful and stay out of the way.

But all the nervousness from me wasn’t necessary, The Runner had what I thought was a good race, but it wasn’t quite as fast as he had hoped. Really though, the real fun starts when the race is over, and we’ve had an absolute blast! We’ve had some delicious food (big shout outs to Gaston, Masimo’s ice cream, Scirocco and Zachary’s), I’ve embarrassed myself by telling the winner of the whole race that I thought he was lying about winning- it was only when he produced a picture and came over to the table to chat to everyone that I finally believed him, and we’ve hung out with great friends, relaxed by the pool, and had a few vinos– It’s really been a great time.

Luckily the house we are in has an awesome kitchen that we’ve put to good use, last night Neil made his amazing and now legendary paella, I made quinoa with chicken and roast veggies for a pre-race meal and the first night we had an awesome BBQ. Today we’re off to Bistro C for Melbourne Cup lunch. If you’ve never been to Noosa, I highly recommend a trip…. Especially if it doesn’t involve running, biking, or swimming!!

It’s Noosa time!

Tomorrow, we make our annual pilgrimage North for the Noosa Triathlon, or the Noosa Multisport Festival as it calls itself. Personally, a Multisport Festival makes me think of the Olympics or at least a Sports Day  at school- but alas, there are no 3 legged races, egg and spoon races, or fencing, so I’ll refer to it as the Noosa Triathlon thank you very much.

The Noosa Triathalon is one of the highlights of The Runner’s year.  It’s not the longest race he does (in fact it’s relatively short and easy for him in comparison) but it’s one of his favourites, and it’s a time for me to, well….. actually I don’t wind up doing a lot up there, but  I really enjoy that– mostly.

In some ways, the Noosa Tri weekend (or week this year) is The Runner’s happy place– (mine is the Hunter Valley).  In Noosa The Runner and his biking and swimming mates will spend the three days before the race obsessed with the course in Tri-heaven.  For the three days after, they will compare times, performance and who knows what else. There will be talk of helmets, wheels, nutrition and all things triathlon.   He’ll want to walk the swim course, drive the bike course and cycle the run course…. Seriously.  And there will be 19,999 other people who speak the same Tri-language as he does.  To me, it’s mostly unintelligible-  blah blah blah bike, blah blah blah run, blah blah blah swim.  But The Runner LOVES it!

I’ll be on the sidelines as always, supporting him and giving knowing looks to the others in my tribe- the Tri WAGs.  Yes, we’re a lot like Victoria Beckham but without the pout.  We’re a pretty easy bunch to spot, we’re the ones on the side of the road with a book, camera, stopwatch and coffee.  We normally have looks of mild boredom mixed with anticipation mixed with fear that we’ve already missed the big event.  Tri WAGs (also known as Tri-Widows over Noosa weekend) have a finely developed ability to half read a book whilst timing how long since they last saw their partner and calculating whether they have time to grab another coffee or run to the loo before they come back around.  We have cameras that we juggle one handed so that in the 5 seconds that our partners pass by we can half snap a photo and half cheer– resulting in very blurred photos.  Trust me, it is nearly impossible to do both.  Mostly, we’re a very patient bunch.   If we have kids, the kids have a sign saying “Go Daddy” or something similar.  

N.B. from what I’ve seen kids are quite helpful as spotters- they stare at the course as if waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve, whilst their Mom (Mum) is able to read the paper or her book.  Every so often they shout, “There he is!” which more often than not, is not their father.  It is quite funny when they point and wave at some poor guy who has a look of fear on his face, hoping he’s not in an episode of Jerry Springer or Maury Povich.

Noosa will take The Runner about two and a half hours (he will quote you his exact times from the last 3 years if you ask him), during which he’ll spend 20 minutes in the water swimming 1500m, cycle about 40km, and run a 10k.  I will be in roughly the same spot for about 3 hours…. waiting.  The Runner will pass my spot roughly pass four times.  Yes, four times.  You do the math.  I will have some time on my hands as will the other Tri WAGs and widows.  Hence the books,coffees, and slightly bored but supportive looks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad that I’m The Runner’s support crew, and this year, we’ll have lots of friends up there with us to enjoy the week with us.  If you ever get a chance, head to Noosa just to watch the Triathlon, it’s a beautiful setting and whilst there are some super-fit, world class, elite athletes, there are also a fair number of people who have never done a triathlon before some of whom look like they’ve never actually ran anywhere except to the fridge.  I admire all of them for giving it a go– and of course I’m always so proud of The Runner when he competes.  

I’m looking forward to some downtime this week, I’m just hoping the kitchen of the house we’re staying in comes fully equipped- I wouldn’t mind doing some cooking while he runs!

Changes already….

Well, we’ve been live for an hour and already we have a name change…. Nigella’s Revenge is now, He Runs I cook.   Why you might ask??

Well, The Boy is currently training for yet another triathlon, which means 1, long hours of training, and 2, a very hungry Boy.  We both have very separate hobbies- he swims, bikes, and runs and I cook, bake, buy cookbooks, and occasionally pole dance.   So there you have it, He Runs, I cook.

To kick things off this week, and in honor of Nigella, the First Randomly chosen book will be Nigella Express!  

p.7 is Anglo-Asian Lamb Salad

p.33 is Crab and Avocado Salad with Japanese Dressing

p. 69 is chicken liver salad (YUCK!)

p.87 is a Go Get ‘Em Smoothie (TOO EASY)

p.101 is Orange French Toast

And the winner is………..

Lucky Number Slevin– in honor of the Slevin’s birthday on the weekend, we’re going to go with Number 7!  Anglo Asian Lamb Salad…..

Stay tuned!