So this weekend is the Port Macquarie Ironman, that’s come around quickly!

The Runner is driving up today and I fly up on Friday. I know he’s put in lots of training but it somehow seems less traumatic than the one is Busselton. This one has sort of snuck up on me to be honest, or perhaps I’ve been too busy watching Say Yes to the Dress to notice!

While its not 100% true, there is some Truth in that. The whole time he’s been training and preparing I’ve had loads of things to distract me- I was getting up to pack boxes while he was training or going to the gym myself. In the evenings I’ve been hitting the gym and pole dancing lessons and organizing moves and looking at wedding venues in DC and planning our trio overseas and concentrating on work. In short, I haven’t really minded the training this time and it’s been less of a big deal to him as well.

The Runner is super calm about the whole Ironman caper this time around, it’s his second one and he’s totally confident about it. He knows he can do it so for now, four days out there are no signs of nerves.

We’ll see if that changes by the time I see him on Saturday!


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