Changes already….

Well, we’ve been live for an hour and already we have a name change…. Nigella’s Revenge is now, He Runs I cook.   Why you might ask??

Well, The Boy is currently training for yet another triathlon, which means 1, long hours of training, and 2, a very hungry Boy.  We both have very separate hobbies- he swims, bikes, and runs and I cook, bake, buy cookbooks, and occasionally pole dance.   So there you have it, He Runs, I cook.

To kick things off this week, and in honor of Nigella, the First Randomly chosen book will be Nigella Express!  

p.7 is Anglo-Asian Lamb Salad

p.33 is Crab and Avocado Salad with Japanese Dressing

p. 69 is chicken liver salad (YUCK!)

p.87 is a Go Get ‘Em Smoothie (TOO EASY)

p.101 is Orange French Toast

And the winner is………..

Lucky Number Slevin– in honor of the Slevin’s birthday on the weekend, we’re going to go with Number 7!  Anglo Asian Lamb Salad…..

Stay tuned!


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