Next Stop, Noosa!

So, in the midst of all the job searching, wedding planning, and challenge eating, I’ve neglected to tell you that it’s Noosa Week!  Well, not yet, but as of Friday it is!

What am I on about are you asking?

The Noosa Triathlon Festival– it’s The Runner’s favourite triathlon of them all and it’s because it’s a pretty good one (even I have to agree!)

Reasons why the Noosa Triathlon is so good:

1)  It’s in Noosa, and Noosa is amazing.  It’s one of the first places I ever went in Australia because it’s one of the best holiday spots in Australia.  It’s gorgeous, has great restaurants, a few shops and lots of ice cream shops.  It’s perfect.  If you don’t believe me,

2)  It’s a fantastic atmosphere- there are about 20,000 athletes of all different ages and sizes and because Noosa is such a great tourist destination, there are lots of families, partners etc who cheer on the athletes.  There’s a real buzz and excitement in the crowd.

3) It’s established- it’s been going for 30 years so they have the logistics pretty well sussed out.  It’s very well organised and hassle free for athletes and spectators.  

4)  The nightlife is great- ok, maybe not the Saturday night but after the Triathlon is over, everyone parties at the Surf Club and on Hastings St.  Last year, I ran into the winner in one of the bars after the triathlon– and then made him prove (with photographic evidence- and his medal) that he actually won it.   

5)  Melbourne Cup on the beach– yes, it is as much fun as it sounds.

6)  We almost always have a house with a pool (except for the year that we stayed in the hotel with no bathroom door)

7) The weather is always good!

8)  We always have great friends with us!


Sunshine, friends, beaches and a great crowd– what else could you possibly ask for in a triathlon???



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