The best banana bread for the worst year…

So, 2020 is turning out to be a bit….well, let’s be honest it’s turning out to be a hard year to describe without swearing.  Not sure anyone, except makers of masks and pyjama pants would put it down as “the best year ever”.  To be fair, it started off with a lot of promise and optimism, but somewhere around March things took a dramatic turn for the worse.

However, there have been two upsides of 2020- (not including living in my pyjama pants and not wearing makeup)

1, I’ve been too worried about the entire world falling apart economically, socially, and virally (is that the right word?) to worry about turning 40 in 2 days.  It’s pretty hard to throw a pity party for turning 40 (or any party at all actually) when 2 billion people or more are locked in their houses and thousands of people are dying every day.

2,  I finally made Chrissy Teigan’s banana bread recipe.  And it is literally one of the best banana breads/cakes/baked items I’ve ever tasted.  The batter was so good I was eating it with a spoon.  I understand why twitter went nuts for this- it is delicious on so many different levels.  I have to say I’m not a banana bread person- I don’t normally make it, I don’t order it in cafes and if someone brings it in to work, I may or may not try it to be polite- because banana bread is a bit boring.  This has changed my tune.  This banana bread is next level, and exactly what my 2020, about to turn 40 self needed.  It definitely blurs the line between cake and banana bread, but the fact that it’s called Banana Bread in the recipe means I don’t feel guilty for eating it for breakfast.  Not that there’s anything wrong with Cake for Breakfast but this is Banana Bread which is a totally ok breakfast food.   Plus, it’s easy to make.  The hardest part was trying to save 6 ripe bananas from the banana eaters in my house.    It was so easy and so delicious, that it has saved 2020 from being the worst year ever.  Well- maybe not completely but discovering this little gem has certainly put a smile on our faces and something good in our bellies.

Thank you Chrissy for saving 2020.

Exciting Times….

There are exciting times in the He Runs, I Cook household in between watching Sesame Street and the everyday juggle of life, we’re actually doing some interesting things– sort of.

For starters, MiniMe is nearly 2. He’s only 22 months to be exact but I’ve finally reached the point of motherhood where I know longer know exactly how old my child is. The first few months, I could tell you that he was precisely 9 weeks, 4 days and 37 minutes, then it was 8 1/2 months, now we’re starting to round up to years. I’m sure if you asked my mother right now, she would say that I’m somewhere in my 30s- because to be honest, even I can’t remember my exact age sometimes.


So MiniMe has gone from being a baby to being a walking and talking human being with his own personality, preferences and priorities which is super cute and fun- until they clash with the preferences and priorities of others in his orbit. But we’re coping well- his favorite words are bus and car and he’s fascinated by anything that has wheels or an engine (especially buses and cars). He knows his colors, can count to two and is generally a pretty cool kid.


The second exciting thing that’s happening is I’m combining my job (IT recruitment) with my passion (gender equality) and organizing and hosting an event at work called Women Leading IT. I’m super excited about it, my company is super excited about it and we’ve had a great response from the female IT community- with over 100 women registered. I’m really thrilled because it’s been a huge lesson for me in terms of speaking up and agitating and advocating for change at work. I kept opening my mouth and asking why we’re not doing more and voila- here we are doing more! And my we, I mean mostly me and my co-organizer, but it is being paid for and sponsored by our company so it is very exciting! You can read more about the event here.

As you can see, I’m MC-ing the event- also a new challenge for me, fingers crossed I don’t freeze and just stare at the audience for 5 minutes!

The third, and possibly most exciting thing that’s happening is that I’ve found the perfect muffin!

Yes, that’s right!  I told you it was exciting times.  They are apple and carrot gluten free and sugar free and actually quite delicious. They’re relatively healthy- although I added chocolate chips and raisins- so I don’t feel bad about feeding them to MiniMe for breakfast, snack and even after dinner- not three in the same day obviously—- well, not obviously but don’t judge me! I found them on the Cookie and Kate website- they call them superhero muffins. And they’re 100% right! Amazing! Great to grab and go in the morning to eat on the bus when we’re running late and they have hidden fruit and veggies in them which is great for a toddler that won’t eat a vegetable other than potato and pumpkin. They come from a cookbook called Run Fast.  Cook Fast.  Eat Slow.  It is written by an elite marathon runner, Shalane Flanagan,  which I ordered as soon as I tasted the muffin.  Healthy Treats for MiniMe and The Runner; a new cookbook for me- So, all in all, a win!

Like I said, exciting times in our house!