Day 4- Crisis Averted…

They say on your wedding day something will always go wrong and I’m pretty sure the same is true with renovations. I don’t remember anything going wrong on our wedding day and I’m sure in a few years I won’t remember anything going wrong with our reno.

And to be honest, so far nothing has gone wrong. We had a minor crisis with our appliances over the weekend, but we managed to resolve it very quickly- possibly too quickly actually and now we have a new dishwasher arriving tomorrow.

There was a small miscommunication with our appliance supplier and we realized that the dishwasher was on a separate invoice, then we were told it was out of stock, then they offered a similar, older model which I wasn’t happy with because who wants a stinky old model dishwasher? Actually, any dishwasher will do right now since the laundry sink is not ideal. Anyway, long story short- we cancelled the order, found one at Bing Lee and it’s arriving tomorrow. So, the crisis isn’t really a crisis at all but so far everything is going to plan.

Gary’s ordered himself fancy Smart lights and sockets which he’s excited about, we agreed on a stone colour for the counters and were fiscally responsible and chose the less expensive option, so that’s exciting and all the appliances should be here this week. We are progressing well….except the floors but that’s a different story to be solved tomorrow!


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