No computer, no blog…

So my laptop is in the hospital at the moment- the computer hospital that is- so until it comes back, I can’t tell you all about our amazing adventures…..  
Stay tuned, it will be worth the wait!

For now, salivate over last night’s dinner.   

I didn’t cook it- we went to The bridge room in Sydney!  Amazing, understated location but amazing food!  Two hats according to the Sydney Morning Herald and the chef has won loads of awards- google it! 


2 thoughts on “No computer, no blog…

  1. Ross Lusted, Bridge Room chef was a guess chef on Master Chef this season. Really cool use of fresh ginger with his corn and squid dish. He won against the amateur chef in her bid for an immunity pin. Great Master Class. How good to go. Gotta get to Sydney for some fine dining!

    1. That’s actually why we went! We saw it on Tuesday night and wanted to check it out- we didn’t think we’d get a booking because he was on the show the night before. The food was delicious- it was such a treat! Please let us know when you’re coming up!

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