I run, I cook

What can I say, I’m big into multi-tasking.  

All jokes aside, I’ve taken up running.  I hate running. 

The Mom and The Runner convinced, actually coerced  me into signing up for the city to surf which sounded like a good idea at the time.  Actually no it didn’t but they ganged up on me and I didn’t know how to say no to both of them.   And so I signed up. $75 later I’ve entered the city to surf and taken up running– for at least the next 10 weeks- until Sunday, August 9th.

Oh yeah…. Did I mention that the race is on our first wedding anniversary????  Did I also mention that in no possible way is this how I ever wanted to spend a wedding anniversary or the weeks leading up to it?

Well, it’s too late now because it’s happening- and I did my first long run/walk this weekend (it was only 8km).  And yes, I hated it.  And the actual race is double the distance.  What have I gotten myself into?

On the upside, I also made apple butter on the weekend.  A lot of apple butter, far more that I know what to do with.  Any ideas or helpful apple butter recipes?

Oh and does anyone want to take my place for the City to Surf?  Just thought I’d ask….


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