The Rain in Sydney

is absolutely torrential this weekend!  It’s a great excuse to put the ugg boots on and have a lazy Sunday- which is exactly what we’re doing!  

Lucky for me, I don’t have to leave the house today.  The Runner did the the grocery shopping yesterday to celebrate the joy of our new discovery in  Sydney– Vegan and Vegetarian friends look away now.  

The Meat Emporium.  It’s in Alexandria and it’s like Dan Murphy’s*** for Meat.  

***Dan Murphy’s, if you don’t know, is an alcohol superstore of sorts,  cheap prices, big selection and enough variety to make Ben Sanderson ask Whip Whitaker fly him to Las Vegas so they can both drink themselves to death…. Can you tell The Runner and I watched Flight this weekend?  Great movie, FYI!


Anyway, I digress.  The Meat Emporium, amazing selection of meat at wholesale prices. And they have butchers on site, just in case you need to get anything trimmed or cut down.  The Runner and I were like kids in a candy store or carnivores in a meat emporium.  We pretty much bought enough meat to feed a family of 4 for a month all for $100.  Result!!!!!!

And no, they haven’t sponsored this post– although, I am open to that sort of thing!  I just had to share.  I love finding bargains in Sydney, because they are so rare!  Anything that helps with future BBQs, dinner parties, life in general, has to be shared!  

So with our bounty, I made nachos last night (beef mince), making roast beef tonight (1 kg of eye fillet for $19.99), Tuesday I’m doing lamb shanks in the slow cooker, and Wednesday, it’s my favorite Veal Scallopine.  Plus we have steaks, lamb chops, pork loin, more mince, and a few other things in the freezer.   The Runner treated himself to Black Pudding as well and had it for breakfast with scrambled eggs this morning.  Personally black pudding makes me physically ill, but he loves it- and it was only $5.  

So, there you have it, a rainy, cold, and wet weekend in Sydney which will be topped off by a lovely, warm Sunday Roast Beef dinner.  I can’t wait!!!!


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