Where does the time go?

Seriously, this year is flying by!   It’s halfway through June and I keep thinking it’s only March or April at the latest.  Very strange, and of course with the days flying by, I’m feeling quite behind.  I’ve been cooking lots– chocolate chip banana pancakes this morning, shepherd’s pie, 4 cheese mac and cheese, buffalo chicken, but I haven’t been writing about it or snapping photos of anything….  Ever since I’ve been back, I’ve been pretty lazy.  I can’t even blame jet lag anymore!  But I promise to do better.  From next week, I’ll get back to writing and cooking and cooking and writing.

Of course, The Runner isn’t training either, he’s taking the winter off as it were.  So maybe that’s it as well, he’s not running so I’m not writing about cooking.  Sorry!  I promise to do better!


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