The first dish I learned to cook….

Or that I remember learning how to cook at least, is Veal Marsala.  I couldn’t have been very old, but I remember cooking it at maybe 10, 11 or 12, or even 13.  Twenty years later and the memory is a bit fuzzy on dates/years.

I can’t actually remember how I learned to cook Veal Marsala, or what I was doing near a bottle of cooking wine in my tween years…. but I remember standing in the kitchen of our house and making the dish for my mom and being proud that it was ready for her when she came home from work.  I think it was the dish I always made when it was my night to cook growing up and one of the few things I could make on my own.  I remember having kid’s cookbooks and making meatloaf with my mom, but veal was the first thing I really remember doing all by myself.

Again, I have NO idea where I found the recipe, or how I convinced The Mom that veal for dinner cooked by a preteen was a good idea– clearly, I had very indulgent and encouraging parents!

But it turned out to be my go to dish (or at least in my foggy, 33 year old memory), and still a dish I enjoy making now.   Unfortunately, The Runner hates veal, so I don’t make it very often anymore.

I made Veal Marsala tonight (thanks again Meat Emporium) and it brought back memories of childhood and of discovering the joy of cooking.   Even though The Runner HATES veal, he said he liked the sauce- so I guess that’s a win.  


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