I’m back?

So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything and I do have to apologise.  I haven’t really been myself lately.  Sadly I’ve been writing obituaries instead of cooking blogs and talking to people more about death and dying than what I’m cooking this week.  In fact, I haven’t really been cooking at all, or doing much of anything lately.  Slowly but surely, I’m trying to bring myself back, back into work, back to Sydney, back into the kitchen, back to being gluten free, back to the present, back to the future, back in general.   It’s a slow process and I’ve been told it’s a long process and I’m probably only in the first steps of it but at least I’m making the first steps.  So sorry that I haven’t been writing much or anything at all, hopefully I’ll be back to more regular posting and cooking soon.

Amongst everything, I’m trying to remember what it’s like to work and cook- and it’s tougher than I remember.  I did manage chicken and pasta the other night, and I’m attempting dinner tonight- inspired by one of my new/old workmates…..Meatballs with quinoa in a tomato sauce….. but really I’d forgotten what it was like to work for 9 hours and then come home, grocery shop, and cook….I had thoughts of baking earlier today, but that was early in the day before I remembered that the oven door is broken and that baking on a school night could be a bit much, what am I super woman???

So bear with me please, Sunday Dinners will likely resume in the new year, and I promise to keep writing when I can….  Until then, wish me luck with these meatballs….I’m not sure if I’ve ever made meatballs before, so let’s hope they turn out to be edible…..otherwise it’s thai takeaway again for The Runner!


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