The Meatball Experiment

So…..these could be really good……….or really bad!

I’ve gone off the reservation and off the recipe trail and am attempting something….

The meatball mix is sitting- and by meatball mix, I mean a mix of pork and veal mince, a few red chillies, half a green capsicum, 2 eggs, grated carrot, some white wine, parmesean cheese, italian herbs, mixed herbs and gluten free breadcrumbs.

I’m cooking mushrooms in butter and olive oil in a pan and boiling water for the quinoa…..

I’m about to roughly chop some tomatoes and throw them in with some garlic…..  and I’m a little nervous, so I open a bottle of red.  For me.

I start rolling out the meatballs and then stop and google….”How to cook meatballs….” hmmmmm…..  



Quietly confident, or perhaps it’s just the half glass of wine,  I grab the biggest pan I have and put it on the stove…. apparently I need to fry my little meatballs in about a TBS of olive oil for 6-15 minutes (quite a big window) until they’re done.  Two things I’m not clear on, 1, How do you make sure they cook evenly– they are balls after all, and 2, how long they need to cook for.  Foolishly, I press ahead.  

And guess what, they’re not bad!  and just quietly, between us……  the quinoa is just a bit lovely!  

So far, my experiment has worked out….. gluten free, recipe free… and maybe it’s the glass of wine speaking but I think it’s pretty good!




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