The last supper

So it’s my last night in DC which brings a flood of emotions but it also brings a last dinner out.

Tonight’s last supper was at Lauriol Plaza, Sister restaurant to Cactus Cantina. I love mexican food and cactus/lauriol is the best mexican food. In fact, if I ever wind up on death row I would like to have my last meal from here. Ill be more specific- I’d like the combination fajitas with extra butter sauce.

They are literally the best ever. And beyond that, cactus cantina which has the exact same menu, is like a little taste of my teenage years. If you grew up in DC and went to private school in northwest like I did, cactus was and is an institution.

It’s walking distance to almost every private school in DC and was the place where many friends had summer jobs. In high school it was the place to go and after college we discovered how amazing the margaritas were. It’s one of three restaurants that is uniquely DC- the others are Clyde’s and the rib pit. And it has food that I love, namely the fajitas and margaritas. I suppose then it’s a fitting last meal for me on this trip. It’s always good to be home, but this trip hasn’t been easy and I’m leaving with more questions and emotions than answers. I’ll be glad to see The Runner but am wishing I could have everyone I love that’s still living in the same place– or at Least the same continent. Being at home I feel like I’ve come back to my roots, and they’re pretty good roots- especially when you throw butter sauce on them and wrap them in a tortilla.


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