The word of the day is….. Hangover….and Lasagna!!!!!

So last night, The Runner and I lost the run of ourselves slightly.  We spent the day on Sydney Harbour on a fancy dress boat party yesterday that turned into fancy dress drinking at the pub.  The Runner and I aren’t old, stay at home boring fogies, but we sort of are.  He’s always training for something which involves getting up early- like stupid early- and I’ve been on a 6 week detox.  Well, needless to say we both made up for it yesterday.  And we’re both paying the price today.  I don’t remember when I started getting hangovers- I don’t remember them in my college years.  But I get them now, and they’re horrible.  Currently I’m on the couch, contemplating whether McDonald’s is likely to make a Gluten Free Big Mac……(drools slightly at the thought of secret sauce).  The Runner went out for headache tablets and is back and lying on the floor and I’m contemplating a nap…….and Lasagna!


Yes, it’s Sunday and that means it’s Challenge Day!  Today’s challenge is Meat Lasagna- and this time we’re having friends around to help us eat it so there’s no backing out.  In 5 hours and 15 minutes, we’ll have 5 hungry mouths knocking on our door waiting to be fed, whether I’m hungover or not.  Unfortunately Lasagna is not a last minute “just throw it in the pan and hope for the best” type of dish, there’s meat sauce to be made, bechamel sauce to fuss over and finally the assembly.  So realistically, I need to get my arse in gear and get out of the fetal position and get into the kitchen.  Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!


P.S.  I have not ruled out the possibility that a big mac could be in my immediate future.  I can see the golden arches from the couch….


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