This is *NOT* a dinner party…

That’s what I keep telling myself.  I tend to go a bit OTT with dinner parties- multiple courses, flowers, lovely table setting.  I keep reminding myself that this is not a dinner party.  I’m cooking a meal, for the blog, and people are coming over to help eat it.  So why do I feel so guilty about not making dessert?  

I’m hoping that one of the guests eaters will offer to bring one and that will help to ease my guilt.  There’s no starter either- just lasagna, green salad (my mother drummed into me that you have to have something grill with every meal), and garlic bread (store bought).  I’m sure no one is going to go hungry- but why do I feel like I’m failing as a hostess? It’s time to lower the expectation that I’m placed on myself and just go with it….  and if anyone complains, it’s easy, they won’t be invited back!


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