*** This blog is not Gluten Free……

Even Though I am now which poses its own set of questions and challenges…..  I’ve been on a wheat free, cows milk free, fun free detox for  6 weeks thanks to my naturopath.  I’ll spare you the gory details of why, but let’s just say that I’m feeling a lot better since going wheat free and dairy free.  So here’s the conundrum, will I only cook gluten free, cows milk free recipes for my project??


I think that would ruin the fun, random nature of this project!  The idea is to cook something random not to comb through the book looking for something I want to cook.  Luckily, I do have some flexibility so I won’t be gutting fish (hopefully) or making a croquembouche, but you never know and that’s part of the fun!

I may make some slight changes i.e Tamari instead of soy sauce or gluten free bread crumbs instead of normal bread crumbs but I will try to stay true to the recipe and I will of course tell you if I substitute anything!


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