A quick word on Bikes, not Books…

So The Boy has a new bike, it’s shiny (well, actually it’s matte finish) but it’s supposedly a big deal…..A Scott Plasma or something like that.  It’s pretty– probably not the right athletic and masculine word to describe it but it’s nice…. for a bike.  It looks something like this…..



Obviously I’m not up on bikes because I have no desire to be on one, even in spin class at the gym.   But apparently it’s a big deal of a bike, because every 5 minutes he’s off to the bike shop to get it adjusted, fitted, readjusted, re-fixed, cleaned, serviced etc.  It’s worth more than my car and it gets a lot more love than my car… but I have to say most times I don’t mind, (although it’s a tad OTT).  It’s not really going to make him a better cyclist, just like all of my cookbooks won’t make me a better cook.  But spending thousands of dollars on a bike and hundreds of dollars to get it fixed every few weeks does mean that I don’t feel that bad about spending $50 here and there on a new cookbook…. or two…or three…..

So like everything in our relationship, he has his bike (and all the other tri gear he owns), I have my books (and all the other kitchen gear I have)….finally I hope this blog will help me justify the books, and hopefully he’ll do a really good time up in Noosa to justify the bike!


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