Hello world!

Ok, so maybe I’ve unfairly singled Nigella out this time, but I blame her- and Jamie, and Masterchef, and Stephanie Alexander, and Bill Granger….. especially Bill Granger.  They are the reason why my cookbook (and cooking magazine) collection is threatening to take over the house.   It’s a bit overwhelming.  I can’t go past a book store without stopping in- I haven’t bought a fiction book in YEARS thanks to my Kindle.  HOWEVER, every chance I get, I buy a cookbook… or two…or three.    Seriously, I’m the one person who wasn’t alive in the 1970s who has not one but two, and actually, possibly three Fondue Cookbooks.  Ask me how many times I’ve made Fondue since I’ve moved to Australia 10 years ago….

So it all ends now…..  today, but not tonight.  From now on, every week, I’m going to pick a random book and cook from it.   I asked the universe (or at least my facebook friends) for a random number today and suggestions were 7, 33, 69 (of course), 87, 101.   So each recipe that I cook each week will come from one of those pages– 7, 33, 69, 87, 101.

I have a lot of cookbooks to go through, so let’s start!


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