Day 23- Oh I see now…

Well, guess what. It’s finally coming together.

After two marathon days, our kitchen is almost there. And by almost there, I mean I can put cereal in the pantry and food on the shelves. Our dishwasher is in place, and we have inserts in our drawers.

In other words, we’re close, oh so close to having a kitchen again. We’re not there- the stone counter will come next week. The appliances and sink are t connected yet, but I can start to put food on the shelves and start to think about putting things where they belong.

It’s just the good news I need after a not so great day otherwise. My next step is to buy baskets and containers and pretend that I’m one of those super organised super moms on Instagram that have beautifully organised pantry shelves. You know the ones with nothing out of place, just enough for the matching jars to look perfectly filled with dry goods, and where everything has a home. In other words, the total opposite of every kitchen I’ve had before.


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