He Runs, He Cooks

Every four years, not only is it a leap year, but it’s also The Runner’s turn in the kitchen.  As it was recently February 29th, The Runner took his turn in the kitchen. I don’t know if I’m a fan of the “Leap Year” concept to start with, I don’t know that I like February 29th as a day- it’s nothing personal but it seems superfluous.  I don’t fully understand why we need it, so as a result it becomes an excuse to do something different.

We honor Leap Years by having The Runner cook for a week.  The food he made was tasty, but overall, it was not a good week.  It was a week for first world problems.

First, we broke our first grown up wine glass, it was an engagement present so it’s pretty sad to have 5 fancy red wine glasses where we once had 6.  It’s a first world problem but it wasn’t a great start to the week!

Secondly, my iphone decided to die on Tuesday without warning and believe me standing in line at the Apple Store twice in one week is not as much fun as it sounds!  Again, a first world problem but you don’t realise how much you rely on a little piece of metal and glass until it stops working and seems to take your brain with it!

Thirdly, The Runner did Three Peaks this weekend- a 235 kilometre cycling event down in the Victorian Alps with over 4000 metres of climbs.  It is a full day event and a full weekend away.  Initial reports coming out of the mountains are of cramps and blisters- so it doesn’t sound like it’s been much fun!

Basically, the world has seemed quite off all week.   I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I felt like something was off this week- the delicate balance of the Earth and our relationship was thrown off by The Runner cooking.

To his credit, the three meals he made were good- far better than I actually expected.   I’m not sure where the meal ideas came from but he did a Steak Burrito Bowl with Black Rice; Chicken, Pumpkin and Peach Pesto Salad; and a Quinoa and Broccoli Salad.    The Steak Burrito Bowl was by far my favorite but each dinner was well thought out, well planned and well executed.  The Runner did a great job, so good in fact that I would consider letting him cook every week except that then I’d have to change the title of the blog!


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