2016: The Year of the Cheeseburger Spring Roll


2016 may only be 9 days old, but already it has been eventful.   Hands down, the best thing that’s happened all year was going to Ms Gs for dinner.

For those of you who live in Sydney and have never been, go there immediately.  If you don’t live in Sydney, get here immediately- I’ll pick you up from the airport and we’ll go there.

Ms Gs is one of the many restaurants owned by the Merivale Group in Sydney.  It can best be described as Funky Pan-Asian Fusion.  Head Chef Dan Hong has created a menu that blends his Vietnamese heritage with his classical training and urban 30-something personality- the result is mind blowingly delicious.

I know I’ve had a good meal when I’m too busy eating to take pictures of what I’m meeting—and I’m not sorry to say, I have no pictures to share with you.  We had some of The Runner’s family in town from Ireland and we used their visit as an opportunity to go back to Ms Gs and to get the banquet.  For $65pp you get 11 different dishes to share- I definitely recommend it if you’re a party of 4 or more.  It made ordering easy even if some of the dishes may have been a bit “challenging” on paper—I mean really, “burrata, strange flavour style” hardly sounds like something to order if you’re a conservative diner (spoiler alert- everyone loved it!)  Every course was a beautiful marriage of flavour and texture, beautifully balanced and really different to anything to what I’ve had at other restaurants.


However, one dish stole the show.  The Cheeseburger Spring Rolls.  I know what you’re thinking and no, it’s not a typo.  And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.  It’s literally an Asian style spring roll with a cheeseburger filling- and it is fantastic!    It’s a true fusion dish- east meets west at its finest.  When you see them, they look like spring rolls; when you smell them, they smell like a cheeseburger.

I had one and immediately I wanted another one (unfortunately it was only one per person!)  They are the type of thing that you could easily eat all of if you were at a party and the tray was “accidentally” left in front of you.   They’re very More-ish and my mouth is watering as I write this.

Luckily, I’ve found a recipe online, it’s actually a video of Dan Hong cooking them on TV, and thus have also found my first food challenge of 2016… however, I may wait until our next party before I make them.  The recipe makes 45 and if they turn out anywhere close to the originals,  I don’t want to tempt myself and “accidentally” eat 44 of them.  (I’d let The Runner have one if he were around!)


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