Tis the Season to #getgifted

It’s officially the Christmas season now – Thanksgiving is over and I am now fully ready move onto Christmas.  Christmas Party season is officially in full swing and tonight I attended the Christmas Party to end all Christmas Parties- the Kate Spade New York Holiday Party.

iphone August-December 2015 850

If you don’t know the Kate Spade brand, well, maybe stop reading here because this post will bore you senseless.   If you are a Kate Spade fan, this post will make you green with envy, because this party was all about the Kate Spade New York brand.

iphone August-December 2015 857

I’m not entirely sure how I scored an invite.  Really, I have no idea, but I was super excited when it arrived in my inbox a few weeks ago.  Literally, I thought it was a joke at first, but that didn’t stop me from grabbing a friend from work and RSVP’ing.  I’ve been a Kate Spade fan since my college days- when the brand was only a few years old.  I may still have one of my first nylon Kate Spade bags upstairs tucked away- not sure why, but nearly 20 years later I’m still carrying a Kate Spade bag.  Mind you, I didn’t think that my brand loyalty would put me in the inner circle of Kate Spade Queendom (more like Princessdom actually, if that’s a word).  But tonight, I hit the motherlode.  It was basically the epi-centre of the Kate Spade universe and it was AH-MAZE-ING!  No words!  Literally speechless.

It was the media launch of something Kate Spade-y—not 100% sure what, possibly the new book, “All in Good Taste”, which is now on my Christmas list with about 100 other things I saw tonight.  The party was at The Grounds of Alexandria- one of my favorite venues, and was filled with people who looked like they attend media launches all the time.  They were not snapping photos of everything like I was.  Well, there were a few other non-media types there, but there were also a couple of models, and a Bachelor contestant or two (I didn’t watch the show but my work colleague pointed her out).  Anyway, Hayley and I were in awe from the moment we walked in.  Our first stop was the Photo wall to get our pictures taken by the paparazzi (or just the one guy with the camera).  No idea where the photos will be posted but given the other people in attendance, I doubt we’ll be the cover girls.  Then we headed inside where there were models modelling and posing in this season’s new fashion (or at least I assume it’s this season).

iphone August-December 2015 847
Models Modelling

A round table was in the middle of the room was adorned with Kate Spade items from this season- grouped around various cards and themes- bags, trinkets, jewellery and items from the world of Kate Spade!

iphone August-December 2015 848

Seriously, I wanted one of everything (please see above, hint hint!)  At that moment, I wanted to win the lottery and buy everything in the room.  Every.Thing.  There were people who were working at the event decked out in head to toe Kate Spade and their dresses were gorgeous!  And yes, I wanted those too!  There was also one of the most beautiful tablescapes I’ve ever seen.  It was stunning!  And the desserts on it looked to die for!

There were also beautiful pink flowers everything- gorgeous!

iphone August-December 2015 863

There was a stack of gift wrapped boxes filled with our gifts, yes gifts for guests to take away!  Hooray!  They were filled with the items from the table.  Joy of all Joys!  Happy Christmas from Kate!  The items on the table were the items in the boxes!!!!!!

I hadn’t been this excited since I got a free necklace from Oprah when she was here.  The only downside is that of course, I didn’t get the box that was filled with the items I had been eyeing up on the table.  I had picked out my top three choices- one contained a champagne handbag and the other was a handbag that looked like a present, and the third if you’re keeping track at home was an iphone case that looked like a camera.

I didn’t get either of these but I’m happy with what I got.  I’m leaving it wrapped up to open for Christmas.  I am pretty excited!

iphone August-December 2015 853

In short, tonight was like walking into a world of Kate Spade.  It was such a treat to be able to go- even if it is one of the mysteries as to how I managed to score an invite.  Oh well, let the holiday season begin and it’s time to #livecolorfully and #getgifted!

iphone August-December 2015 882


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