Festive season tip!

Now that it’s December and we’ve had our annual Thanksgiving Party (a week later but better than never!), I can finally start to focus on Christmas!  My first act of the festive season- using up the eggnog from our party! 

If I had my way, I would drink it- this year’s batch was less potent than last year’s batch.  A few people may have had alcohol poisoning  after their cup of nog last year.  This year I used tablespoons rather than measuring cups so the egg nog didn’t burn as much going down and people could still speak coherently after their glass.  

We had a bit leftover and I couldn’t decide what to do with it- until I had a stroke of genius– bread pudding with eggnog!  A quick Google search proved that I was no Christopher Columbus discovering a new world and that many other people had had the same idea.  It seemed like quite a good idea considering we also had leftover bread.   And voila!

It wasn’t rocket science- I tore up the bread, sprinkled some raisins and chocolate chips and then poured the egg nog over the dish.  A smarter, less messy would have used a ladle but, oh well!

It’s soaking for 45 minutes and then I’ll pop it into the oven and rely on The Runner to take it out in an hour.   Seems like a simple plan- we even have leftover whipped cream!!! 



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