Road trip… Did someone say mountains?

We made it to Zell Am See thanks to The Runner’s excellent driving and trusty German roads and engineering!  The autobahn is pretty cool… And Mercedes Benz does make a pretty good car…. 

I did very little to help other than take pictures from the passenger side of mountains…. So many mountains!!!!
But we made it!   And we even picked up a new little buddy for our collection at home.  His name is Hans D. Ente.  (Ente is German for duck!)

And now for the official start of our Austrian adventure! 



One thought on “Road trip… Did someone say mountains?

  1. Wie geht es Ihnen? Wie geht’s du? That’s about all I can remember except a song: Fuchs du has die gans gestohlen, gibst sie wieder her. Gibst sie wieder her. Sonst wir dich der jeger holen mit dem schisgewehr. Sonst wir dich der jeger holen mit dem schisgewehr! So, haben sie einen guten tag! — That’s all Steph! Will be seeing your mother in a few months!

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