Spaghetti for breakfast…

I know it sounds weird (to some) but eating savoury foods for breakfast is one of my guilty pleasures.  Usually (but not always) they are leftovers from the night before.  Yes, I have been known to make lunch for breakfast… much to The Runner’s disgust.

Anyway, this morning the Summer Spaghetti Bolognese leftovers were calling my name (yum!)  I think the main inspiration behind spaghetti for breakfast was that I decided that my next 30 day challenge would be No Carb November (or as low carb as possible) November.  Or at least no white carbs.  Not being racist but I don’t want to cut out fruit and veggies.  So the idea of spaghetti this morning was really appealing– almost like a Last Supper 7 days ahead of schedule!

It’s going to be a tough month I think- no rice, no pasta, no white potatoes (super hard with an Irish fiancee), no bread, no cereal.   The jury is still out on quinoa and polenta but really it will be lots of fruits, veg, and protein.  So maybe No Grain November is more achievable than No Carb November– I am concerned that The Runner would have withdrawal symptoms without potatoes.  Even still, I think it’s going to tougher than the no dairy challenge which actually hasn’t been too bad!

Of course, I’ll still have my three cheat days but…. No Carb November is on– from next week at least!


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