Senseless. Tragedy. Why?

I really have no words to express how awful and tragic the Boston Marathon Bombing is. As a member of the spectating/supporter community, it is inexplicable to me that someone would choose a marathon finish line to set off not one but two bombs. That no one has come forward to claim responsibility makes it even harder to comprehend.
Unfortunately, in our post Cold War world, terrorism is a fact of life, it’s inescapable whether you live in Tehran, New York, Bali, London, Madrid or Baghdad. It strikes us when our guards are down, when we are most innocent and most vulnerable but some horrible person or group always takes responsibility and often tries to justify it with an ideology. I will never understand what drives people to want to kill others and to kill innocent strangers or to kill en masse. It’s just not something I get. I’m sure there are psychological studies galore just as there are political science papers galore about terrorism but I just don’t get it. Why create more sadness and unhappiness in life when life is full of it already? And why at a marathon? And why at a place that will be crammed full of women, children and people with families and loved ones?

Who would do such a thing and why? So far no one has stepped forward to take responsibility and even the Taliban has said it wasn’t them. Is it because the Boston bombings were too horrible even for them? You can’t even say America was a target, because the top runners in the world are mostly East African- Ethiopian, Kenyan, Ugandan. So who was this aimed at and why?

Knowing the answer won’t change anything, it won’t bring back those who died or regrow limbs that were blown off. Whoever did this is a horrible, soulless excuse for a person. I hope their conscious haunts them and whatever mission they were trying to accomplish is never realized.

My heart goes out to all those affected and all who were there. It really is a senseless tragedy and cowardly act.


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