Let the Thanksgiving Prep begin!

So, 2 of the 3 (hopefully) shops are done!  And now it’s time to start cutting, chopping, pre-cooking, assembling, etc!  48 hours from now, hopefully the turkey will be on the table and people will be digging in!  

I’m making a miso gravy which can be made ahead of time and seeing how I HATE making gravy, I might just get this one out of the way!  Then I’ll be peeling carrots, chopping up cauliflower, and getting a head start on as much as possible!  Let’s go, let’s get the party started!!!!!


P.S.  You can follow my progress in pictures on instagram (@stephzuniga) and flickr… I won’t be getting the big SLR camera out for the action/prep shots in the next 24 hours– there’s just too much to do!!!!


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